Hopeful 49/52

This has been my life this year – floor popcorn! It is a metaphor for bits of stuff happening all the time where each week I could be facing a physical or mental challenge regarding myself or my family. Still, I was at my happy place on Friday night watching ‘Triangle of Sadness’ with popcorn and a Campari and my husband! Such a great film taking the piss out of the “rich and powerful” and well worth checking out.

Saturday was my kinesiology appointment and I was very much out of sync with everything in life so I got myself a tune-up to get back on track again. I need to be working on manifesting that “I am enough, I am worthy and valuable”, “What I have to offer is valuable” and “I deserve what I desire”. Usually, I am a very positive person but the constant upheaval of chaos surrounding me has taken me into a negative tailspin. A break will be good when I can catch up on my creative endeavours.

As a reward for submitting my report to University, I did a float as well which was just beautiful, the weightlessness is the best thing. Also, enrolling myself in a pottery course has helped me move along in my creative adventures again. Sometimes there is so much to take care of in the day-to-day – the time for creative ventures is slim. Here I am in my overalls, being covered in clay after wheel-throwing class where I made a vase, a pot, and a bowl – it was so good!

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