hopeful 50/52

My last week of work was a celebration including checking out creatures in the garden, face painting, and nature play. A culmination of all my favourite things in teaching!

It was a tiring week but it created many valuable memories for the children. I went out for my last day as Activity Group Leader to the nature play program with 3 educators and 3 parent volunteers and 22 children. The night before I did feel some anxiety due to last-minute cancellations but then on the day I thought we can do it and we did. The team of educators knew what we were doing and of course, there is always the random chaos that happens when working with children and we did it as you just go with the flow! It was a success the children enjoyed themselves out in the sunshine for a good couple of hours and we walked back together to a mission of popcorn and chill-out time with a movie as a reward for all of us! It is always beneficial to have parent helpers and I have learned over time as one myself that they need to have some direction in helping out the children. They were amazing and if it was not for the many hours that I have spent as a parent helper it would not be as fun for them.

I am so glad that I had the opportunity to teach the 3-year-old children for the last term as it gave me some sort of feeling that I have the ability to have small successes. It is important to have some beginning and I am thankful that I have had this time.

We also had our work part on Wednesday night which was a lot of fun with the magician Tim Ellis who bought some well-needed magic into our lives!

And to round out the week on Friday I did a celebratory dance with my teammates at work and we all enjoyed a cupcake and chatted about the good and bad times over the term!

On the weekend I went out with my hubby and good friend to have some tasty vegan food at Lona Misa in South Yarra. Here is a vegan tamale and the cocktails really wiped my brain in a good way. The Rinquinquin in my negroni turned out to be a peach liqueur and I only chose that drink because the ingredients rhymed plus I had read about aperitifs the night before. We enjoyed our feast and wine but unfortunately, we had a booth of obnoxious loud people behind us so we had to scream to talk to each other which was not very enjoyable.

My weekend was complete with a trip to the local Christmas market at a favourite new place mycelium studios with my good friend B. I met some wonderful makers and even saw a friend who I work with on my sustainability projects. She had designed some gorgeous teatowels with birds of Merri creek. I love random acts of connection and it is good to have that feeling again and find my people.

I also had my last ceramics class where I glazed my pieces – closing out the year with creativity and magic, I am looking forward to what they look like when they come out of the kiln. The person I lost inside myself this year is slowly coming back and it is a good feeling.

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