hopeful 51/52

Here is something that I found on a friend’s FB page and it resonated with the way I am feeling after such an intense year. I am definitely feeling restful at the moment. I am truly grateful for the amazing people I have in my life who helped me move along this year when the shittiest of things happened to our family. I really do not know how I could have made it through to the other side but here we are. Life goes on and in a year’s time we will see the progress of H’s healing and be thankful we have had a team of amazing people by our side. It will be a month since the accident on January 14, 2023, so we will be grateful that our daughter is still with us and provide us with the teenage grief that keeps us going! She truly is our light out of the darkness.

And this is where the magic happens, for sure, inside this peaceful place we call home. Apricot is living life enjoying her time stretching out in the sun. I have university work to do but I do need a break from everything and time to catch up on fun stuff. I scored a bunch of free frames from hard rubbish so I have been creating little projects for my walls and preparing myself for 2023. I just want 2022 to be over and behind us and it will be time to make some magic happen in 2023 and think that I deserve what I desire.

We all still managed to smile for our Christmas picture near our super cool fibre optic tree. It was a hot day for Christmas and we enjoyed ourselves with the family eating and drinking and staying cool with many dogs at my sister in laws place. My friend gave me a teatowel that said, “it is about who you are with at Christmas – not what is under your tree” and it was so true. Even though I did not feel the holiday spirit this year, I managed to have a great time with our little family and create some special memories of summer and Christmas 2022. Apricot is not too keen on her present from Santa but she was with us and got lots of pats, so that is pretty special! I just need to be mindful of all of this.

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