Manifesting…. Creativity

There is so much that I would like to manifest this year and I am beginning with something close to my heart and soul. It is something that keeps me going in so many ways. The pics above are things that keep me occupied within my house – cooking, my plants inside, and the garden outside. Cooking requires that I will be very organised and have the ingredients to cook a delicious meal. A big shout out to Ceres Fair food and Local Organic delivery for making that happen! My garden is pretty random and this year I had more plans but it is tricky with the weather being all over the place – there have been a few deaths of plants. One thing I do love growing is tomatoes so I have a couple of plants that need some hot days for them to fruit! At least my indoor plants have had some well-deserved TLC with fertiliser and watering and now they are all a lot happier. I touch the leaves of them to see if they have much energy and then I know it is time for a big drink. With cooking, I would like to branch out a bit more with recipes and try newer flavours and tonight I am making a vegan peach tart with a basil walnut pesto – so good and so full of sugar, I think it will be my morning tea to get me going tomorrow!

Today it was a family day out and we went into the city to see the Rone exhibition at Flinders Street station called Time. I just loved being taken in time to an era where life was way more industrialised in everything. I really loved the first room I wandered into and it was a room full of industrial sewing machines with clothing ready for production. The uniforms that were hung up, had Rones Nans’ name Elanor on the tags as she was a seamstress (one of the docents gave me this intel!). What I love about the Rone exhibitions are the details in each and every room, right down to the spiderwebs intricately woven by a phantom spider.

In every room there was a story and the switchboard room was something I had to explain to my 17-year-old son, he was saying how did I know what they were? I said to him, it was from watching old films not from working on a switchboard – I am not that old! The music in every space added an extra dimension with the ambiance of the lighting as well which would sometimes flicker and dim. The whole experience felt like everything was stopped in time and whoever was within the space had just disappeared into the ether leaving behind something that had been forgotten. I even found a jar that my mum has and just like hers, it was covered in dust! The family wandered through quite fast but I like to take it slow and find interesting bits and pieces that resonate with me. The portraits added personality to the space to take you somewhere within your own imagination of what it might have been like to be in that space in time. What I loved to see is how the space was curated with so many vintage and historical pieces – where did they come from? Even the windows were covered with old newspapers and the cloakroom was left with beautiful vintage clothes.

For lunch, we went to Metro burgers as the whole family is pretty keen on finding excellent burgers. There was a lovely Japanese chef on the grill making some flavourful combinations of burgers. I was very impressed with the truffle portobello burger with a super fresh salad and avocado on a deliciously soft bun. My hubby had the lamb, my son had the meat, and my daughter enjoyed a bright and colourful halloumi salad. This is what I love about going out to eat and finding places that inspire your cooking at home. We were too hungry to take food photos so here is a beautiful sign I would love to live by evevry day (check sp. above)!

So I am beginning to manifest some creativity in my life and clear out cobwebs of my own by getting the work done for university and bringing out my sewing machine.

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