Manifesting… Peace

After seeing the Rone exhibition last weekend we went to a shop called Mixed Business full of Melbourne-made products. I went into the city not wanting to shop but there was something at the back of my mind that my friend made for me last year and that is perfume made from essential oils. I found some at that shop and I knew it was right, it is Protect by Kindred Temple. The universe gave me many challenges last year and most of them were caused by forces out of my control by people not intentionally wanting to cause harm but did have very dramatic consequences. This year I am wanting to get back to my earth mother self and a way I can do that is through daily affirmations. I looked the body mist up on their website and the above affirmation really resonated with me. Initially, I purchased the body mist spray for the benefit of protecting myself from negative energies but this will help me with more than that and what I am truly focussing on is releasing all that no longer serves me.

This weekend marked one year after H’s accident with a campfire. We went out with friends together as a family and enjoyed a game of bowling and ate some delicious Mexican food at Benzina Cantina, of course with some margaritas! I feel we needed to do something together to honour the ordeal our family has been through. Also, I am truly thankful that H has come out the other side one strong young woman. She still has plenty more healing on her skin with CO2 laser treatments in the near future to help with the appearance of the scars – fingers crossed that this will happen soon. This week H wanted to do some volunteer work, so I asked my local bulk goods supplier if they were keen on supporting a 14-year-old and they said yes! Off she went for her first 2-hour shift which is something she will continue each week to get out and about within the community. I am so happy for her that she is slowly expanding her confidence out in public.

So to manifest peace in my life, I am going to protect myself. So for extra protection, I have bought myself some black tourmaline from Byron Bay to wear daily so I can tap into ways to keep away negative forces. For the next couple of weeks, it is all about meditation, daily exercise, eating well, tonic mushroom smoothies and tea, studying, creating, gardening, and tv/movies, and eventually, I will be back at work.

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