Manifesting… time out

I remember when the kids were little and I said to them you can now have time out in the dungeon (which was under our stairs) meaning they needed some time to chill. Now, I long for some time out – a space where I can just do whatever and let time pass. This last week being the last hours before hitting the play button on reality I have been enjoying the time and trying to get up earlier for my exercise – be it a run around the block, some Body Combat, a bike ride, or weight exercises. I have been busily completing this last assignment which is worth 60% so I do not want to stuff it up, I will write and give it a couple of days for a proofread and find something. Today I did what I had to do and will proofread and send it away early next week because I feel I am done! Unbelievably, this is my last unit before placement and it feels so strange considering I have been studying since 2016, study is a part of my life and my being. Interestingly though I know what to do with the time I get back from studying and I am now planning what I can do for the next month in my free time on my break before placement so I am ordering some yarn, getting some embroidery happening, and planning my sewing projects.

This week I made a pinafore from a kimono and a yoked skirt from some denim scraps. I have been inspired by the Great British Sewing Bee as they have been doing a lot of upcycled projects in the later seasons – which I love! They have introduced me to this gorgeous African print fabric which I will have to check out soon! This week I am giving myself the goal of sewing some dresses out of some Australian print fabric I have stashed away. I have to hand in that assignment first and then it’s time for my time with my sewing machine and some audiobooks – it is the best way to pass the time! Oh, and it will be in between my days at work!

Here is the update from the Christmas campaign – so wonderful! 🙏

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