Manifesting… rhythm

It is now week 3 of Term 1 for the year and slowly we are getting there with the 3-year-old children. There is so much to do as they are at so many different stages of their development. I really do not know who came up with the ratio of 1 to 11 children in kindergarten but it seems impossible at times! The problem lies with the many children who are not toilet trained and we spend our day wrangling them to go to the toilet and then there are the accidents that happen and my goodness it was literally a shitty week last week! I have to be thankful that I have a super supportive teacher I work with and we do not let all the chaos stress us out. It is important each day we have the children have some rest and relaxation time. It is my favourite time of the day too when we put on a little starlight globe and the children listen to chillout tunes and watch the stars float by. Finding that rhythm of the day with a new group of children is the thing we have to work out.

Check out the flags from the many countries representing just two classes of kindergarten children, it is amazing to be immersed within so many cultures! Oh and look closely you will see the laser kiwi flag that was an option for the NZ flag.

Apart from my 2 days of work and each fortnight’s planning, I am enjoying my time sewing with keeping my tools out to keep at my projects so I have them done for my placement. Speaking of my placement, I went to the school I will be teaching for my final placement. I love their philosophy – progressive education, it was exactly what my children enjoyed when they were in primary school in California. This was the philosophy that inspired me to start an education degree and to find these schools in the minefield of education, it truly is a special thing. I am so looking forward to doing my placement there! I came home and was so inspired that I filled out my teacher registration application with the VIT and all it needs now is my ID verification and my final academic transcript in July- yay!!

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