Manifesting… chaos

As much as I try to use Apricot as my current life goal of being relaxed and quiet, there are always things that fill up my diary. Last week I had so many appointments beginning with my lessons on CPR training for the first aid course that week. I also enjoyed sharing my experience with a Playworlds pop-up at my placement last year with Monash University. On Friday I filled my tank and enjoyed some self-care with a compression therapy session on my tired legs, then an infa red sauna followed by a dry float – a total of 2 hours! I came home a new person. Now as I write this after a hot day with 60 little people running around in 30-degree heat I am ready for more!

I am still running and have found an athletic track at Edwardes Lake in Reservoir so I will be heading over there most weekends now as it is a lot better on my body than the pavement. My list of things to do is endless but I will get there slowly with all the chaos surrounding me. As I said to my friend tonight, there is a lot happening now but in the last 6 months of the year, it will be time to chill.

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