manifesting… escapes

I finally went to the Alexander McQueen exhibition that I have been so excited about since it was announced by the NGV months ago. I gave myself a goal of completing my studies, and I would go and enjoy some time in the gallery. I enjoyed seeing all the rooms with so many wonderful outfits. It was truly inspiring. A day out in the city to immerse myself in the arts is something I really look forward to. This is just a small collection of photos – I have put most of the pics I loved on my Instagram.

The audio tour was wonderful to listen though as I began the tour, the wifi in the gallery kept on cutting out (which did get a bit frustrating). So after the show, I got a clear signal to the Wifi and sat down in the great room at the gallery to hear the inspiration and the stories for each room. At the end of the week, to complete the McQueen experience, I watched the documentary film to actually see who Alexander McQueen was!

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