Manifesting… good times

I made a date with my friend to go on a trip to the University of Melbourne and visit the Science Gallery. This exhibit was the Break the Binaries exhibition exploring gender, identity and their relationship with science, tech, creativity, culture, race and sexuality (see poster above). What an exploration and immersion of experiences including the darling of the tech world AI – whoo hoo! My first experiment with Artificial Intelligence was with the computer taking a photograph of my face and reading what my personal characteristics are. I do not agree with being condescending and intimidating! Still, I came up with an interesting-looking artwork from my selfie. The spider was a pretty awesome part of the exhibition focussing on bugs against the binary – check it out here. Housewives making drugs was one of my faves as it looked at the barriers to access to medical intervention for gender-affirming medical care. After the exhibit, we enjoyed a delicious bowl of vegan laksa – as you can tell I was starving and looking forward to devouring it!

On Sunday, I took a trip to the Preston Market with my hubby to grab some lunch and what did we find – Sri Lankan food. This plate of hoppers with dhal and pickle was so good! I enjoyed it with a mango lassi on the side it is such a lovely find for a quick Sri Lankan fix. Check out the cool Preston train overpass, it rocks with its licorice allsorts colour theme. I am a big fan of Preston at the moment as there is so many interesting finds.

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