Manifesting… peaches

The time had come finally when the Peaches went to see Peaches LIVE! It was such an incredible show! I have never seen anything like this before in performance. Opening the show Peaches had a Zimmer frame and was dressed as an older woman and from there she was racy from the first track. From then on there were so many wonderful costumes! My hubby and I loved being out at a gig together and it was more my hubby’s music with lots of punk and guitar. I just loved the fact that Peaches expresses who she is and shows that the body is beautiful in any form.

My hubby felt a bit ill after the gig and tested positive for Covid on Sunday – boo!!

When I went for my run during the week, I drove through the industrial area near the drive-in and found a crystal warehouse open to the public. I just could not help myself as I have been drawn to crystal healing again after many years of having them decorate my plants. I found these beauties and my favourite is selenite, to clear all my crystals I use it as a night light which helps with a good night’s sleep. Finally, a sleep routine that works. So happy to have found this shop, I will be back for more and the owner there is so lovely ❤️

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