Manifesting… the journey

This week I received my new Macbook Air which I will be using for work and my placement. My lovely large Macbook Pro is still doing so well after 8 years but it was time I had a more portable laptop – my new machine is so good to work with and I love it. I am just deciding how to customise it and make it my own as I need to travel soon and I do not want to pick up someone else’s machine at the security check!

Saturday was a busy one as I started a Nature Stewards course. This is a place where I will learn about the land on which I live, work and play. I applied for the course through my local council, as a friend of mine said I would love it and I truly do. I left the class today feeling so inspired about the environment and I now have a true belief that a few concerned people at the local level can make a difference. Today I found out the history of a loved place of mine, where I go to ride my bike – Merri creek. Back in the 70’s there was a planned freeway right over the creek which would have been a disaster. Instead of a freeway we now have a wildlife corridor thanks to Friends of the Merri Creek who came to talk to us today – they are actually the creators of this wonderful curriculum. Here is what I said about wanting to be involved in the program:

After watching your introduction video, the program resonated with me as I am interested in the natural world and have been ever since I was a little person. I am always finding out about the native plants I come across. Whenever I see animals living in our urban environment, I will always stop and appreciate their wonder. One of my favourite birds is the tawny frogmouth which I have had living near my work next to Merri creek. I love sharing the wonders of nature with the children I interact with in my job as an educator, as children are naturally curious; they are so excited to find out more about the natural life around them. The Nature Stewards program will enrich my role as an early childhood educator.

I am so happy to be doing this program as it enlivens my soul to be with so many like-minded people and funnily enough I knew two people in the class today from my work as a kindergarten educator. As part of the course, it will be wonderful to create a little project for myself in my nature journal and plan some actions on what I will do with my newfound knowledge.

Saturday afternoon was spent at the hospital as you can see from the little sticker I have on my jacket. That is all we get now when we go to the hospital – no check-in, no vax check, nothing! I arrived just in time to see H out of surgery. Today she went in for a CO2 laser procedure on her neck, face, and arms. She had been under general anesthesia and was in the theatre for 1.5 hrs. This will be the first of many if her surgeon sees it being successful at her appointment in the next few weeks. The laser will help heal the scar tissue, the only thing H was feeling afterward was itchiness so she took her antihistamines and we stayed in recovery for about 40 minutes and we were then on our way home. She is covered in Duraderm bandages at the moment so we cannot see what has happened but after 48 hours she needs to take care of them and rub vaseline on the skin and wear her pressure garments.

So many journeys for all of us this week!

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