Manifesting… the future

The big news of this week is that H will be going back to school in Term 2. We went for an enrolment interview at the school she really liked and they really liked her so I am so happy to see she will be in a place that will nurture her as a whole person. The school’s educational philosophy aligns with everything I love about learning and I could not be happier for her to be there. Just like the little lorikeet in the picture above she will soar like a bird into the next phase of her life. Oh, and it was H’s 15th birthday this week and she organised everything for her special celebration. It was such a treat.

We did have a family dinner to celebrate the March and April birthdays with some delicious Sri Lankan food. Everyone really enjoyed the Sri Lankan lasagne with chicken curry. I loved the lentils, roti and pan rolls!

4 thoughts on “Manifesting… the future

    1. Yes thank you so much for the birthday wishes Abigail. Her school with its progressive education philosophy is just like going back to Stevenson, I love it so much!


  1. Thank you Lisa! Miss you too – the kids talk about the days they spent with you. H is going really well with her school, it is a big mission for her to get there but her peers are all interesting teens. Much appreciated for the special time we enjoyed together 😀


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