Manifesting… Nature

The final week of term has passed and now I am at the end of the long weekend. I was hoping for some relaxation and due to the terribly cold weather I got some relaxation just hanging around at home. It was so good not to do anything after a pretty hectic week with my final work day on Monday and my birthday on Tuesday – whoo hoo! Back to work on Wednesday with some planning and rearranging the room for Term 2. I ended the week on Thursday with a Professional Development day with my workmates that went on until late in the afternoon. Friday was a great time to catch up on Uni work and plan for my trip away with the kids.

Before my walk to the PD on Friday I found this cockatoo up high in the tree trying to get into a walnut for breakfast. So super cool to capture some pictures as he was intent on breaking into the walnut. Time for me to plan and get myself organised for some warm weather up north for a few days. It has been 7 months since I went up to Queensland and now it is still warm up there which will make a nice change.

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