manifesting… Sunshine

I am now losing track of the days as we are on holiday up north for the easter break. The sun is shining beautifully here and the weather is a perfect 25 degrees or higher. It must be the best time of year to come up to Queensland as I am escaping some chilly winter days down south in Melbourne. I have been enjoying my daily walks along the shore zapping up the earth’s energy in the sand and water. I am loving the sounds of the birds in the morning waking us up from 5am with the musical songs of the magpies and the butcherbirds. I have found lots of ibis living their best life hanging out at the Mon Komo or by the shore gathering fresh treats.

I found this cool boat the other day on my walk and I asked my friend who is a local and she told me it is the Black Pearl – the pirate ship from Pirates of the Caribbean. Then I looked it up and it was called the Notorious and I have become a fan! It is handmade and took 11 years to build from reclaimed Monterey pine – amazing!

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