Manifesting… Treats

All in all, we had a wonderful time with the family up in BrisVegas. I enjoyed my time at the beach every day walking along the shore and burying my feet into the soft sand. I found my kindy picture with my crazy curly hair and super cool 70s dress. We enjoyed some delicious treats from Flour and Chocolate, at the end it was a daily trip there to share some sugary love with the fam. Mum took us out to Morgans for fish and chips – I took my own Turkish sandwich from Flour and Chocolate as I do not eat fish anymore. The kids enjoyed their usual calamari and chips!

Our Air Bnb was right across the road from the beach and it had the best collection of plants all mounted to the fence, such a great design idea. Plus our day trip to GOMA in the city was pretty special. We went to see the Air exhibit and it focused on the environment, for example, the hand-cut black butterflies were representing the migration of the Bogong moth in Australia and the Monarchs in the US and how threatened they are due to human interference. The 10 days up there were pretty busy and we did a lot and caught up with the family for some special times together – speaking our love language of food!

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