Manifesting… teaching and learning

Every Saturday I have my nature stewards course and from this week onwards I am working full-time at my final primary teacher placement. I gave myself the gift of an Air BnB near the school I am working just so I have time to document all the relevant information for my placement. It is so much work with learning on the job as well as teaching plus documenting and commenting on everything that I am doing. Friday came around and I was so tired I could not find the energy to go back home to my family. So I caught up on watching the new Bluey episodes instead!

My first session with my mentor teacher and his teaching assistant was at Bush school – I could not believe it! I love nature play with the children and this was such an amazing experience complete with a fire. This was the children’s first whole week back after a 2-week break and being introduced to the week of playing in nature is just amazing! There were so many observations going on plus I had to have planning time to factor in the x amount of teaching time per week to the students. I am happy the first week went really well with some excellent feedback from my mentor teacher. Now I will enjoy the next three weeks of teaching and learning with children.

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