Manifesting… a circuit breaker

I am halfway through my placement and now this is where it gets exciting with the last 2 weeks! I have been so tired from coming home from school chilling out, having dinner, and then working till 10pm. I have been documenting my days so I have enough information to write my final report! Friday came around and I was pretty keen to get out of the groove so I drove back home to my house and hung out with the family for Friday and Saturday night. During the week I am staying near the school to make my life a bit less complicated for the month of May.

So months ago, I planned my Mother’s Day out with the family. We did the Dome to the Catacombs tour of the State Library. I was pretty excited about it but the teens who came along were not so keen! As it was a planned family event we just go with the flow and hope they learned something! H was pretty excited about the catacombs but was pretty disappointed when we got there as it was just a series of rooms filled with random stuff. The room of the catalogues was pretty cool but the children had no idea what these drawers of cards were! Hey, they do not even look at an online catalog for books at the library anyway!!! The cool thing I found out was that you can find old knitting patterns at the library, apparently, you can just look them up online? Maybe I will try and find some one day! We even saw a book so precious it was laying on a pillow 😀

Overall the State Library is a grand old building with a very rich history and has been restored beautifully. We all enjoyed the day out in the city ending with a family bubble tea while there was an anti-immigration rally a couple of blocks away, it was so crazy as there were police everywhere! The rallies in the city always begin or end at the State Library.

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