I am a Designer and Crafter and I enjoy making beautiful, useful things!

My name is Trish owner of poppypeach, I enjoy crafting, designing and cooking – anything creative really! I have this obsession with knitting and crocheting that I just love and it is a portable hobby that travels with me everywhere. I am extending my adventures from the yarn world to crafting repurposed fabrics with my amazing sewing machine. I like to reuse and recreate fabrics that I find at FabMo – a local nonprofit who rescues interior design fabrics from the landfill.

Apart from sewing and creating I enjoy cooking and eating vegetarian, local, seasonal meals – so check out my Instagram for posts on some tasty meal inspiration.


For a bit of background, when I was younger I was living by the beach and grew up with a love for the environment. This creates something deep within your soul that says ‘care for the environment, embracing all living beings,’ just like my best cat buddy Mack (RIP).

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This is the principle which I try and live by these days after spending most of my life in Australia. For 12 years, my life was in the San Francisco Bay Area, Northern California far away from the golden beaches and surf though I am surrounded by beauty in another form with blue skies, the sunshine, warmth and redwood forests. The people in San Francisco are very Eco-conscious and I feel this has had a huge influence on my creative processes.


Living in the Bay Area has taken me to where I am now with recycling and re-purposing fabrics to create beautiful objects. I have the utmost respect for the environment and protecting it, which means for me to use what I can and recycle what I cannot.

Now I am back home in Melbourne, Australia and getting back into the swing of an Education degree, repatriation and socialising with good food and cocktails.