Grateful 4/52

These little posts are designed to keep me consistent with ways to be grateful and not be overwhelmed by life. Lately I have written about 10,000 words of assignments as I have been having to get 3 assignment drafts completed before I go back to work in 2 days time.

This week I am thankful for this amazing gallery in Melbourne. I am so happy to be back home with having the opportunity to go regularly. For me, this is the place where I feel very much at home where some people go to church – I go to galleries to replenish my soul. This visit was very special with the NGV Triennial, it was such an immersive experience. If I have the time after all my Uni stuff is done, I will have to go back minus the children.

Grateful 3/52

Lucky cat when I went out for a night out on the town with my work friends. I was so thankful to have a night out as I have three assignments which have been taking up all my time during the week. It is like I have a full job writing assignments at the moment! Each day I look forward to my time out in the garden to water the plants – so looking forward to more freedom!

Grateful 2/52

Another week down which means only two weeks until it is back to work and school for the gang. This week I am grateful for the time out of my busy schedule to go into the city for a coffee with my daughter. It is amazing what a difference it can make to a week of full on studying. I have taken on 3 until this teaching period and I hardly have any time to do anything else but study. Now I have realised it is important to have some time out mid week (hump day) and have some me time!

Grateful 1/52

Thinking about how I can be a bit more productive with my writing I woke up in the middle of the night, thinking about how I can be grateful for experiences in my life and this image came to mind.
A sunflower starfish at the Seymour Marine Discovery centre in Santa Cruz, California. I am thankful for all the visits with the family when the kids were small. Just touching the creatures in the indoor tide pools has helped me appreciate the fragility of nature and the world around us.

Life in a nutshell

Well this is the final post of the year and I have been too busy prepping some food for a small party tonight. Covid restrictions are in place again, so we are having a in and outdoor party with the doors open on a cool 21 degree summers evening. Hey it is better than nothing, at least we can eat and have a glass of champagne to say farewell to 2020… Here is our year in a nutshell!

What a year it has been for the world! Here is what the Peaches got up to on this year of craziness and cancellations 😀 Liquid paper was my friend this year in my diary!!

We have had quite a busy year even though we were in lockdown from March until November. I remember waking up one morning and thinking – is it December already? What happened to the year?

The year began with lots of kindness towards each other and the animals and I organised a craft workshop to make pouches for injured animals. Australia was having a nightmare time with bushfires, and it seemed the whole country was on fire! It was like being in California when there were massive fires in the North, and the smoke came and sat in the valley, the same happened here and Melbourne was in a haze of smoke for days. We even got out the face masks so we could breathe outside. Hopefully, our stupid government will wake up one day and realise these fires were unprecedented and call upon our indigenous peoples’ knowledge to manage the land. But this is highly debatable, boo to them.

The disconnect with the land had me volunteering for a local farm to find some like-minded people to connect with and realise that others care about the environment. It was beautiful, but time is a tricky thing when studying and connecting with the community. We have been to lots of art exhibits in the first half of the year, and it has been so good to be back in Melbourne with easy access to so many cultural events. But then came the final event for 2020 – the New Order concert at an outdoor space in the city, my friend and I went, and we danced the night away as it was our last outing for a very long time!

Then came the most significant event a daughter could ever deal with, and that is losing my Dad. It was a shock that it happened so soon with the lung cancer diagnosis in January and then Dad was taken away from us in April. I realised the importance of family and being present for the special time on earth we have with them. My heart still hurts, and the grief is a process that will go for a while, I think. 

So I had to forgo my volunteering when I got a job at a local kindergarten, it is perfect to have the practical element for all the papers that I write. I have switched to an early childhood and primary school qualification to give me options in the future. Still, the community connections made me realise that we have found a wonderful place to live surrounded by people who care about the world around us, especially with our local Good Karma Network to share the goodness of news, free things, kombucha scoby and the like.

Then came the shutdown of our state and the mandatory face masks with many other rules in place to keep our community safe. Funnily enough, everyone complied and kept within the boundaries; of course, there were a few outliers. Still, the police put them in their place with fines – COVID is not a government conspiracy! Anyway, my crafting kept me sane and keeping on top of study plus work my daily exercise was super important. Then it was time to make lots and lots of facemasks – we knew we would need a stash for the future and I feel that is what has helped our state get to 0 community transmission in November.

But come September, Lockdown 2.0 was driving us a bit batty. Then some good news came, and we had finalised the move-in date for our house. It ended up being a 13-month build and thanks to our builder ordering the supplies early it was go, go, go! It was such a relief to finish packing the boxes and get ready to move into our house at long last! It was wonderful to finally focus on getting the house organised after the move and dig around in the boxes that were stashed away from our time in America. After we moved we were allowed to move freely again (with restrictions) and in November we were allowed to have people come over and it was so good to see friends again and eat together.  

So that was life for the Peaches in 2020, good riddance 2020 – here’s to 2021 and to bring in some new light from the dark places we have been in this year!

Love, peace and (virtual) hugs

Trish and the Peaches x


Well this is what sums my life up in a nutshell for the past month or so as I went back to Uni and it has been full steam ahead as balancing 3 subjects with work can be a bit tricky, especially around assignment time! The dress above is my 1920s inspired outfit for our murder mystery Halloween GoogleMeet with our friends in California. Yep, its been a long time since I’ve written here!

We have also completed the landscaping in the yard which is beautiful! Just to paint the fence black now.

Life has been full and we have enjoyed having people over for dinner since COVID restrictions have been lifted. It has been so fun to have people over in our home again. We will be able to finally entertain and have a party one day in the future – housewarming here we come!

The weeks have flown by and its been me and the cats as a distraction from all my Uni work. Then there is work – I only work 11 hours a week, including long days with meetings. Not long till we are done for the summer break, 2 weeks to go! I am a bit flat after finalising 3 assignments this weekend and catching up on work. I need to create something to look forward to, maybe a trip to the new cinema?

Well I am so thankful everyday for this beautiful home, so why leave ;D

What a preservice teacher enjoys on holidays!

Knotting the days away until it was time to go back to Uni which was this week. I have to say I absolutely love my vintage plant stand and my plants are pretty happy in their new homes with thanks to tips for indoor growing on Gardening Australia! I recently finished this green macrame hanger for a string of pearls plant, it was a lot of knotting but once you got the hang of what to do it became quite meditative. This spot for the stand gets the morning sun and I am so happy to see it every morning when the sun is shining! Definitely quite an addictive craft and I plan on making more plant hangers for this stand.

I also had to get in some sewing before my holidays were complete and here is where I made the Little Green Dress by Tissuni designed to minimise waste on all levels from the pattern to the fabric. My friend in the US had made it and her post on Insta was divine. So I thought this is the perfect inspiration for some summer dresses that have an extra element to them with the details at the shoulders and the hem. I will have to post pictures of the finished dress soon!

Also I have been cooking up a storm in our new kitchen by eating a lot more vegetarian feasts with chickpea smash tacos which we had last night when friends came over for a housewarming. This is one of the many housewarming parties as we can only have one family over at a time per day.

And for the finale to my holidays I took a day out to the city by tram which was pretty quiet. I had been wanting to go to the botanical gardens in the city to hang out with the trees and get some gardening inspiration for our landscaping. It is such a special place to spend alone time amongst the peace of the trees and the plants eating lunch by the lake. I have to remember next time to wear some trainers, as there are quite a few paths to travel and save my sore feet.

Happy as a clam

It has been a long time between posts – over a month in fact! But in that month we have moved house and I have to say that we are so happy to finally be in our house. It is like a dream that we are finally here! The move in day was long and arduous but we made it through and finished our day with pizza sitting in camp chairs surrounded by boxes! So many boxes!!! I have to say it was quite amazing to finally unpack them all and find homes for all the stuff that we have had hidden away for the last 13 months. Yep it was 13 months for this build and we waited patiently through two winters in that freezing rental property, now it is all behind us!

I have been busy as when we moved it was school holidays so I had no work which meant 100% focus on getting the house ready before work and school went back – so the multitude of lists were complete with hanging all the artwork in our gallery space. We have also celebrated two birthdays – my hubby and my son, baked bread and biscuits in our amazing oven, enjoyed cooking everyday in our kitchen and admired the sky from the skylights in the bathroom and the stairwell. That ugly stairway above is from our rental property and I wanted to include it here as the cleaners did an amazing job!! We also got rid of boxes from IKEA and heaps of other stuff that we wanted to donate but could not because we have been in lockdown for over 100 days.

Back at work I’ve bought coffee for my workmates including a golden milk latte for me – so good to have matcha latte as a treat every so often too! It is so fun to be back with the children and playing outside when the sun shines or not!

Apricot is loving the sunshine and all the light this house brings and with that my passion for gardening is cruising along and I have been repotting all my plants as they adjust to new surroundings as well. My indoor plant collection is growing and now I have taken up a new craft macrame so I am pretty excited about making little nets for my plants to hang from. Time to get to work, it is amazing how your environment can change your whole being it still feels unreal that we are here and everyday I am thankful that we have this beautiful purpose built house to we call home.