Grateful 19/52

My second week of teacher placement and I had to create a card making activity for the students. We had a lot of fun with the cutting and folding and pasting and glitter! I am so tired by the end of the week as I have learned so much from the kids and my mentor teacher as well as teaching it is so much to do but so enjoyable. I am so thankful that the people I am with are so fun as it makes the days just cruise by!

Grateful 18/52

All I can say is that I am exhausted an overwhelmed from working full time this week. I have not worked full time since my last job at a school in California 2017-2018. Currently I am on student placement and there is so much to learn every day and it is intense work with a class of 20 children. I am absolutely thankful that I am working with such a professional and experienced staff of educators and learning so much. I have been enjoying some crafting with the children and doing a couple of lessons for mothers day crafts which has been a lot of fun in between meetings and observing and interacting with children – whew, it is tiring but so rewarding at the same time!

Grateful 17/52

What a lovely way to end the month with a trip to Geelong by train to see the Rone exhibition. It was quite a long journey by train though very relaxing. On the way back we caught the train with all the people going to the football so it was so crowded! People not wearing their masks properly in a sardine can, not cool at all.

Still the Rone exhibition was so gorgeous with a collection of his works from the beginning of his career. We spent the day checking out the CBD with a ramen plate for lunch and finding such amazing places like the Naitonal Wool Museum and Geelong Weaving Mill. Plus a collection of ceramics with such incredible colour. What a way to end the time before I go to a primary teaching placement from tomorrow for 21 days of full time work!

Grateful 16/52

What a birthday month it has been so far with about 2 weeks to go. Our family holiday was time out in nature that we all needed and time in the National Park picking up rubbish to protect the beautiful animals that live there. It is so sad to see the disrespect to nature when there is a bin not far away, sometimes I question humans existence and whether we can save this beautiful planet we are on.

To end the holidays I celebrated with a small party at our house where we all enjoyed some time together in a group after being apart last year. Turning 50 is a milestone and deserves to be celebrated. I ordered a beautiful pinata cake with retro icing, we had enchiladas and tamales for dinner with heaps of snacks and salsa. The night ended up with me in the hospital as I went down the park in the dark and tripped on a chain and sprained my arm really badly to the point that it needed an xray. It was a terrible place to hang for 2 hours after a party but I was happy that I went and checked it out. Today after a dose of pain relief and ice plus a tetanus shot for good measure, my arm is feeling much better. Hey, sometimes the universe has to stop you in your tracks and make you rest and today I did with bruises, cuts and pain in my body – peace at last. Well I have to say I am thankful there is nothing broken and it is certainly a birthday I will remember for a long time to come!!

Grateful 15/52

This is the second week of school holidays and we are so thankful of being together as a family and having this incredible opportunity to immerse ourselves in nature, the colours, the air, the ocean, the beaches, the wind, rain, and sunshine. So many elements we can enjoy, so happy to be out and about in amongst places we have never seen – so grateful for these moments!

Grateful 14/52

What a week it has been with my daughter’s birthday celebration, easter and my 50 years around the sun! Definitely many things to be grateful for this week and the weekend is still moving along – so tonight I celebrate with a cocktail and a meal with family and friends. On top of everything I have been finalising my essay on inclusive education! Moving along in teeny tiny chunks and I will get there!! Time for a nanna nap I reckon 😀

Grateful 13/52

What is there to be grateful for this week? After a week of sickness the weekend cheered me up with such wonderful experiences beginning with a trip to my hairdresser. Later that evening I was so happy to have gone to the CERES harvest festival which began with an Indigenous smoking ceremony and Welcome to Country with Uncle Bill. That was such a special experience where the smoke takes away the negative energy to make me feel that what I am doing is purposeful. We later celebrated with a Japanese feast for my daughter who is turning 13 tomorrow – now that is hard to fathom. I am grateful for health, happiness and love – a trifecta that just keeps on giving.

Grateful 12/52

Man just when I think nothing exciting happened this week I look at my pics from the week and discover I have heaps to be grateful for! Big early morning skies from my lounge room window, knowing that with community in my neighbourhood the kids I teach are learning about sustainability and taking care of the earth, finding the best use of dinosaurs for a fence installation.

A fab vintage find from someone in my neighbourhood who collects vintage and shares her finds on Insta. And my little friend Apricot always make me happy as I love to give her lots of pats. Yep plenty to be grateful for even though my life is starting to get super busy with Uni assignments and work, it really makes the weeks fly by!!

Grateful 11/52

What an amazing last week of holidays just getting that time to myself and a friend suggesting we go to my favourite place CERES for brunch. We enjoyed a delicious sandwich from their COVID modified menu and went to check out the playground with the giant millipede. I am so happy that we live so close to this amazing place of inspiration for me, I just love it so much! I have to say I am a dedicated Re-Gen person with wanting to plant things in pots around my house and my garden and I look for ideas everywhere I go now. It is wonderful how addictive plants are 😀