A piece a Week :: Geometric Skirt

This week I found that I really need a ‘practical go with everything skirt’ in my closet and I found this great pattern for a geometric skirt. The great thing about this is it was from a 1970s vintage pattern and the pattern original is longer in design. I made this above the knee and is a fun skirt to wear and I choose a corduroy to keep in theme with the 1970s. It reminded me of something I might wear on the streets of Melbourne catching the tram. I love how it goes well with the Missoni vest I had to buy when Target bought them in the store years ago! This week I have made a fun animation with the pics from the photo shoot.

Hey I can see the tram – hey stop here! 
Here is some action!
And then it was the Valentines week – I went to yoga on Saturday morning and found this heart on the wall near Ava’s the grocery store downtown. So here are a few things that I am thankful for this weekend! 

Love is all around! 

Time for yoga at Yoga Belly downtown Mountain View with the amazing owners Will and Aaron – they always make me laugh in the hardest of yoga poses. When I am smiling and exercising in a 90 degree fahrenheit room I know I am having a good time!!

This pic was taken before it landed on top of me & I still love it! 

I love my bike and the event organized by the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition – the Women, Wine and Chocolate event in San Jose. I am thankful to be surrounded by some awesome women who invited me to come and check it out and ride in downtown San Jose on the Women only bike train through the downtown – yay good times for all!

Holding Kelly the chicken

Thankful that I found out about the 4H program through friends in our school community and to see my kids enjoy time outside with animals. Missy is holding a chicken practicing for presenting a chicken in a County Show. No she is not going to do that anytime soon as this was our second meeting, for me it is important for kids to learn to respect animals.

Kelly on the obstacle course – a stick is used to gently guide the chicken to the correct route

A Piece a week – this week an A line skirt, starting off somewhat easy!

As part of a creative exercise this year I plan on getting through my stash of fabrics making a piece a week. I was inspired by a post on meet me at mikes a post about a year of ethical fashion. This pledge about what to wear is what I will try and live by this year.

For the project here is the pledge…

If I’m looking for things to wear I will only:
a) Buy from ethical makers or
b) Buy second-hand or
c) Make it myself  or
d) Wear things I already own or
e) Borrow or swap garments with friends
This is my first attempt at the year of ethical fashion project. This is fabric from my stash a wool suiting I found in Portland and a velveteen fabric sample from FabMo. When I was in Morro Bay there were a couple of cool vintage stores and I found a skirt that I used the pattern to make this skirt. My pattern making skills are a bit rusty I must say but I think the combination of fabrics is pretty cute. The zipper is a bit tricky and it is possible to see some puckering from my lack of practice and fear of the zipper. I promise I will face the fear this year! Practice makes perfect & hope I can see it happen. 
My first project for the year – an A line skirt 
One down and another 51 pieces to go!
The topless skirt wearing ‘lady’ which I will have to wear as an outfit soonish! But this post here is another inspiration for using up fabric in your stash. I cannot believe the amount of fabric and clothes I have accumulated that are not worn and I still love the fabrics so with a bit of deconstruction I can hopefully have some new pieces that I can say I have sewn by the end of 2014.