Jammed pack family fun


My final week in Queensland with my family was filled with so much action interspersed with food which I love! We began our relaxing weekend with my sister and her crew coming to stay with us at our Air BnB we enjoyed a Sri Lankan feast with lots of wine for dinner and the kids enjoyed their fidget spinner collection and enjoyed the challenges of timing them.


We spent Sunday at my parent’s place and the kids watched a movie after a lunch of tasty pastries from the bakery and took some fun photos in the garden.

Monday we went on a family trip with my uncle into the city to see the Marvel exhibit at the Gallery of Modern Art AKA GOMA – it was a super fun exhibit and displayed behind the scenes costumes and sets but the kids just zoomed through it! For lunch we went to this delicious gyoza place for a sushi burrito for me covered in wasabi pea powder, yummo! The kids loved their doughnuts and ice cream by Mr Fitz.


Tuesday we enjoyed a family pub lunch for my aunts birthday celebrating with cake and balloons, scoring some super photos with balloons as props!


Wednesday my sister found this great German guy who custom creates bikes as well as hires bikes to visitors on the peninsula for $25 per hour – Street Art Cycles come highly recommended and as it is an excellent bike riding destination, this was a perfect score for a day trip and we rode 20 kilometers in total for the day. The kids were really enjoying the 24″ frames and really took off riding on this dedicated pedestrian / cycleway parallel to the beach front! I rode this Breezer bike called Uptown designed by a mountain bike pioneer Joe Breeze whose history in biking began in Marin, San Francisco (so random and so fun).

We also found some local cats of the neighbourhood that were just like our dearly departed. Monty the cat across the road was just like Yeti the Himalayan Persian who belonged to my parents. And on our side of the street was an orange cat just like our lovely boy Mack who enjoyed pats from strangers.


And my sisters beautiful black cat Millie gave us a bit of a scare when she disappeared for hours and we found her stuck behind the washing machine!

Towards the end of the week I realised I really had to get out and enjoy the sunny mornings and find some local wild life – I found some rainbow lorikeets on my morning walk / run having a party at a local mansion by the beach in this amazing tropical native garden. My friend Markus came to visit for lunch and we enjoyed another meal of fish and chips and went to find Gollums door on a tree by the beach. My last Sri Lankan meal of rice sticks, pan rolls, vadas with salad was enjoyed and it was such a treat!


Friday came around and it was peoples day at the show so we went together with my nephew and enjoyed the pastel chickens, checking out sideshow alley with all the crazy clowns and toys and riding the ferris wheel yet again, I was a bit nervous of heights but I had to be brave as I was with Mr Ash and mum had to ‘make it work’.

Saturday we planned for our sausage sizzle and bought a variety of meat sausages from The Meat-ting Place – an organic butcher who could tell me where they sourced all their meat. The bonus was that they also had fish and I found Wild Barramundi from the Northern Territory which was perfect cooked in a foil packet with herbs and spices on the BBQ.

Sunday was our final “together” day where we went out for a day trip into BrisVegas to ride the free CityHopper ferry and eat some delicious Greek street food at Zeus Cafe in Southbank. We caught ferry down to the place where I moved to when I first left home and wandered the streets of New Farm before we went to New Farm Park with the kids. They loved it there and so did we, as we enjoyed the big old Jacarandas and the way the playground was built with a Strangler Fig!


Before long it was my last morning walk on the beach where I said goodbye to the pelicans and our time in the peace and quiet of the Redcliffe Peninsula. I have to say it was an enjoyable couple of weeks with my family and catching up with friends!

Through the streets of your town


Monday we had an adventure day out into the big city! I am currently living an hour away from the city on the Peninsula which has been fine with me and the kids. The city is where I spent a lot of my time when I left home and lived in the inner city of Brizvegas. Good times were had in the city and usually every weekend we would get dressed up and head on into the city for a night out on the town. On Monday our primary objective was to get some yummy food from the Miel Container on Mary Street in the city. The food there is primarily customized burgers but for a non-meat eater, pescaterian I had a meal of beer battered chips and crumbed flathead  topped with parmesan cheese and balsamic and a bit of tartare sauce on the side.

Lucky for us we went in for an early lunch, as the plan was to head into the container (a shipping container space) with a few tables outside which we snagged. Thank goodness for the rain combined with the school holidays the crowds were non-existent and we could sit down and enjoy our early lunch. The kids loved the chilli con-carne to share and Rupert our guide for the day enjoyed the burger with a brioche bun. Lunch for me was definitely worth the journey and I need to try this at home – that is the parmesan on the fish and chips.

To complete our quick trip to the city we wanted to check out GOMA – the Gallery of Modern Art which has been opened for a while – I had not been to the Galleries of Southbank in years. This is a welcome addition to the Brisbane Art scene and it was refreshing to see that there was a kids event and around the galleries the theme was a welcome mat focusing on the Indian Art of Rangoli. The kids worked with the artist My Aunty Anna – Kate Jefferay to create a large installation outside weaving fabric into the piece and making pom poms. With each pom pom the kids made they got to make a wish and eventually it formed a massive lotus flower and looked so beautiful (see on the link above). It was a perfect time to visit, even though it was raining.


Inside GOMA and ready to check out some modern art, we found this massive still life of fruit and enjoyed power posing!

Other exhibits we checked out were Ah Xian and the Gabori sisters for the kiddos with a super cool interactive under sea exhibit. We wandered around the space and found this room with time capsules that used video tape to form a cylinder – I had no idea what it was made from until I spoke to one of the docents.

By the time we left the skies were blue and from the GOMA I captured this great shot of the river in the sunshine with some fancy new buildings. By the end of our day the kids enjoyed an ice block and we were ready to head home before the commuter traffic set in.