NaBloPoMo – Day 11 – Happenstance…

Trust in the universe and things will happen – this is what I was discussing this evening and I heard a truly wonderful story about discovery in the jungle of Vietnam. On Veterans Day which is today I was talking to a friend of mine who was sharing a story of a hike she took in Vietnam (again a reference to the Veteran, from my side of the world – the Vietnam Vet). On that hike my friend decided to wander off on another path and that was where she found a collection of butterflies. Not just any butterfly mind you, these butterflies were the size of Morpho butterflies and they were turquoise and green. Down under we could compare them with the Ulysses Butterfly that I have not seen in ages, boo hoo!

What a special find so I decided that will be my intention for a while, to have faith in the universe and see where it leads you. Here is a picture that can describe the feeling of happenstance, serendipity of just pure coincidence – lovely!

(Oh and there is no Photoshop in the shot below either)

Look closely and you can see the newly grown branch drawing a line in the sky!