Temporary local tv stars

On our last adventure out in Vancouver we were at Bloedel Conservatory enjoying the warmth and on the way back to the car we found some huge maple leaves to play with. A couple of guys came by and asked if they could take some pics of the kiddos so we said sure, next thing we are being interviewed – here is what was screened after the news.

A vacation in Vancouver

It’s been a while since posting & after the craft show I did I had to catch my breath. Also catch up on many things that were neglected like packing for our vacation!

We have been enjoying 3 days of rain & cold thus far & have another week to go. Today was a trip to the museum of anthropology at the university of British Columbia. What an incredible place the collection was so immense. The artifacts from the First Nations were presented beautifully. I had no idea that we would spend most of our day there 🙂 the kids even enjoyed running around the village at the back of the museum. Don’t miss this museum if you are ever here!