A piece a Week – The Renaissance Fair experience

This was the first year we ventured out to the Renaissance Fair and it was a last minute decision to go so my outfit was not as fun as I would have liked it to be. The theme for last weekend was Fantasy so there were lots of elves and butterfly costumes around – which we all love! When we arrived we encountered ladies dressed up in costume with fine feathered friends with them. The highlight of the birds was a friend from Australia who did make his laughing sound when you rolled your tongue – it was a Kookaburra who grew up in Sacramento. How the heck a Kookaburra got to the United States in the first place is a bit nuts but there are many an Australian creature I see on my travels even just in my neighborhood – one day a guy had a teeny tiny sugar glider in his pocket as his pet, now that was strange! 
I had no idea what to expect at the Renaissance Fair – I knew lots of costumes but they were way more elaborate than I expected and what fabric, the place was full of inspiration! I loved how everyone was in character even the vendors and the ongoing entertainment everywhere you went was so much fun – the kids are even looking forward to next year now! 
A Great Horned Owl

An American Kestrel – what beautiful feathers!

My old mate the Kookaburra – so good to see a familiar face!

A falcon looking for its next meal

There were many costumes were for sale at the event and this is a coat that looked beautiful – this lovely lady spun around showing us the fabric in action.

Spinnng around!

Getting ready for a huge costume next Renaissance Fair!!

As part of my collection for the FabMo Textile Art Boutique I created these circle skirts with the fabric I found at FabMo – I did an applique using fabric samples and used bias binding (inspired by the Renaissance Fair big skirts) on the hem. I love how these skirts came out.

One of a kind circle skirt
Silliness at the Renaissance Fair

And for a link to a video of my work for the boutique here it is – it has been fun, though somewhat a time crunch!

A piece a Week – A fun party skirt

Following on the grand success of the circle skirt pattern from last week I had found the perfect fabric with a lovely soft drape for a circle skirt! As it was Ash’s 10th dodge ball birthday party what a great excuse for a party skirt and to dress up 🙂

Let us party down at the park on this hot October day!!
On top of my usual boutique preparations and general house management I also made this amazing cinnamon roll pound cake from Grandbaby Cakes – it was such a hit with everyone! It was perfectly moist and the flavor was not too sweet. Super easy to make and the bundt tin was perfect for a party of 20 people. It was fun to break away from the theme cakes of the past and make a big boy cake 🙂 with a little hint from mum to say, you like cinnamon right?

The birthday boy and his yummy cake
And the beginning of my week I went to open studio to collect some ceramic pieces – yes more bowls but in an interesting array of glazes. I was so happy with some of them that I would love to repeat the experiments and see what happens – as it goes with glazing you never know what to expect! 
A stack of bowls – now only to get them all the same size?!?

A piece a Week – Real world Math in a Genius Circle Skirt Pattern

This week was a week of meetings for Arts Focus and the preparation of the next session and lack of time for the FabMo Textile Art Boutique so I had to take time out this whole weekend to work on my projects for the show and get a sense of organization to what I will be doing…

I managed to work on a bunch of projects and wrap them up which is very exciting and I also worked on something new for the yards of tulle fabric that I have. I found a pattern at A Beautiful Mess while looking through skirt ideas on Pinterest and this pattern is genius. When I initially started the pattern I was not concentrating too much so I lay down the pattern on the fabric to the fold and created a seam on either side of the skirt. Looking at the pattern again and wondering about the waistband I thought what is this ‘doughnut’ they are referring too and then it dawned on me that the pattern is a quarter of a circle and when you fold the fabric so there are two folds you will make a perfect circle with zero seams!! I love it and have to make more as this pattern is super cute and any fabric with drape will work perfectly. For this skirt I have used all FabMo fabrics I have collected over time for this skirt and I just love it – this is a 4 layer and I also make a 7 layer skirt which is super poofy for Halloween fun!

Get twirling in this circle skirt

So far the wrap skirts have been made and completed and I have 3 different designs and they were all fun to customize!

Multicolor dreams

Painterly linen

Inspired by the linen and working in the kitchen

The other fun skirts I made and will be super fun to ride your bike in are these two elastic waist skirts with a cute velvet bow – also a FabMo find! Both of these are lined with a layer of tulle for the extra flounce at the hem. The theme for my designs this year is urban bike riding and I have enjoyed taking the prototypes out on my bike to literally road test them 🙂

Pink pattern which I love and so does my daughter!

Geometric 80s fabric 

Now to go and work on the management of how the heck will I pull this show off – I need a clothing rack and have to work out ways to display my designs…