Happenstance – serendipity, all those wonderful unexplainable events that happen in your life that generally are good intentions. This is what happened with this skirt as I happened to take a break from essay writing this week to fix a pair of pants. When I am with my new sewing machine, it starts to take me on a bit a creative ride, and as I am just sitting next to it writing assessments at the moment, it was a great excuse to make something. So I went through my basket of unfinished objects and found the top of a pair of jeans that I was going to make into a bag. I love those bags, but unfortunately, even though they were such a novelty they made a great talking point at craft fairs, though no one was very keen to purchase one – live and learn on that one! Anyhow this skirt came to be via a pair of old jeans and an unfinished skirt I made for Missy when she was a baby?!? I like how it has turned out, but the problem with this is that it is a little big still it was the joy of making something that made me happy yesterday!

What other joy and happiness came to me this week? Tuesday I was teaching at the local library my usual monthly event started up for this year – we will be doing the last class in June and starting up again after the summer. This month is a Valentine craft, and we made felt heart pins from a bunch of buttons, trim and embroidery floss. The tutorial is here on this site if you would like to make one of your own. What the world needs now is love so it was a perfect craft to do and everyone was very creative with their hearts and most of the class of 14 made 2 each. Next month we will be making a clutch from repurposed 8″ squares of interior design fabric – gotta start writing the tutorial soon!


I also was very lucky to be looking after my friend’s cat for the weekend this little black guy is such a love bug and really appreciated the pats and the company when his humans were away. Any excuse to be with animals for me at the moment, they are so loving!

And another wonderful random act of happenstance happened on Friday when I rewarded myself a trip downtown to Oren’s Hummus Shop for lunch with a friend who I hardly see anymore because she is studying too! I love the falafel there, and the hummus is so creamy and delicious. Afterwards, we were so full we went for a wander downtown and went to City Hall to check out this inspiring CSMA (Community School of Music and Art) Art Exhibit. The classes are taught by CSMA teachers in local schools including our school. The work from our 5th-grade class was artwork inspired by human rights and boy they were powerful! The art teacher created the watercolour with the V to discuss tenants rights here in our own city. The ‘Measure V’ bill for rent stabilisation, is still under contention (the latest news it is being challenged by landlord advocates!) FYI the rent here is already way above market rate, and still, they want more!! I have lost many friends who have moved out of the area because it is so expensive to live here yes close to $2,000 for a 650 square foot, 1 bedroom apartment per month – insane!

Sorry, I digress… anyway my friend, and I was really inspired by the artwork by the children at City Hall and how powerful art can be in the classroom for reflecting on what is going on in the world. My favourite piece is this white woven wall hanging with the many textures, I am a textile lover, that I might have to get my yarn and roving out and make one in colour! We will see as I have many other things to do in the meantime… including studying for my maths and literacy exam for my teaching degree!!

A piece a Week – The end of the summer Vacay Limoncello Wrapup

The culmination of 10 weeks of summer holidays is finally here! I cannot believe that the kids will be back at school tomorrow – yet only for a half day! Still that will grant me enough time to exercise and get the food for the week and with a bit of luck some rest?!? This week I finished a project I started earlier in the year my Limoncello that has been sitting in the dungeon since end of December!! That is crazy that it took me that long to make a sugar syrup, cool it and then bottle it for the freezer. It tastes so good and is the perfect summer cocktail addition – it has been super hot here this whole weekend, whew I need to find a pool!!
Limoncello ready for the freezer

As I had both of the kiddos booked into art camp this week I was granted 2 hours each day to do a project – I am currently working on a wrap skirt to ride my bike in but I have not had a chance to fully complete it due to the hot weekend and bike riding, a bbq and some jazz! During the week by the art school we found a passion flower vine and the kids made some super cool artwork. 
Beautiful passion flower on the vine

A passion flower embrace 

Ash was in a Graphic Novel camp and Missy did a Mummies and Pyramids camp creating art inspired by Egypt. Here is what Ash created with his a banana slug  and his adventures…

Super cool graphic novel idea inspired by the great banana slug who lives in the Redwoods

Missy’s crown with a snake

Chilling out on a Sunday afternoon with jazz at Rengstorff House at Shoreline Park we enjoyed a bike ride in the hot sun to get there! By the time we left the breeze was blowing and we enjoyed the ride back home in the cool! We saw a very talented Mo Chi Quartet and headlining on the Flugelhorn was my ceramic teachers husband John Worley and it was so good to finally see him play.

The boys at R House enjoying some jazz