It is time for a holiday sale!

a new apron for holiday cooking?

It’s that time of the year again – shopping for gifts for your family and friends. From now until the 30th November (a 10 day sale) I will be offering 20% off everything in the store. Yay so click on nerdwallet link on this page or my etsy page and enter this code HOLIDAZE2012.

Busy as a bee – the preXmas posting

Alice bands with FabMo Yo Yos – yarn wrapped series 1

Alice bands with FabMo Yo Yos – yarn wrapped series 2

Alice bands black with FabMo Yo Yos

Alice bands with buttons and bling – yarn wrapped series 3

Yarn wrapped bracelets – yarn from Yarnia in Portland

Detail of the bracelets – vivid colours!

Upcycled Corian sample magnets – ready for the boutique

Eco Deco for your tree 

Upcycled laminex samples for decorating and such

Ash making sure that the tree is not for sale!

As there is a Holiday Boutique this week at my sons school I’ve been collecting my stock and adding some new upcycled materials from an amazing source right here in MV – FabMo. The selection of fabric is amazing but the thing is, what do I do with it? As I do not have a sewing machine at the moment (working on that one, one day I hope to source one!) So Yo Yo’s came to mind as I had some colourful silks that were really wanting to be used. As my daugther’s hair is always in her face I thought some Alice Bands might be a nice addition to the collection. I’ve been teaching sewing to the kids at school so with that inspiration I decided to try some hand sewing 🙂

The bracelets are from yarn I sourced when I was in Portland – a shop called Yarnia a DIY yarn store. I bought many cones of yarn when I was there and since they have been used for scarves, shrugs and now bracelets. As I had a theme of upcycled materials I decided to use them in this collection. The yarn at Yarnia is mill ends which the store then blends together for custom cones or readymade with the help of the staff. What a wonderful idea for yarn that would just end up in landfill.

The square Corian magnets are also from FabMo – again a bunch of samples that I’ve glued pictures to and then varnished. Lovely to add to the fridge for a bit of nature in the kitchen.

The Eco Deco’s for the tree are from FabMo and made from Laminex samples – I decided that I enjoy nature so why not hang it on my tree – hey they can be hung where ever you please! Still another great way to use materials that would just end up in landfill.

They will be up for sale this week at the Holiday Boutique on Thursday 17 November from 12:30 to 6pm at Stevenson PACT Elementary in Mountain View.