A piece a Week – A dress for a Night out at the Museum

My whole focus this week was making a dress for a night out to the California Academy of Sciences this Friday. I found this lovely silk chiffon fabric and had to line it with a shiny cotton from Japan. It is such a beautiful combination of colours. My last couple of steps to complete this project is to hem it and hand sew in the facing which needs to be done during the day because of the best light! To accessorize I found a beaded bolero at the vintage store downtown and I have some lovely shiny jewels to compliment the colours on the dress – the complete outfit will come together Friday – yay it is very exciting to get dressed up for a night on the town! 
Silky dress with pockets
The weekend was a Deepavali (South Indian name for Diwali) party at our friends place – I did not have a sari to wear but I found this lovely sequin dress at the vintage store on Friday so what better excuse than the Festival of Light to wear many sequins! We played with lots of fireworks outside with the kiddos and ate some delicious food and enjoyed excellent conversation. 
Photobombed by Missy! 

Outside getting some firework action! 

And tomorrow the 17 November I will be teaching a How to Make an Infinity Scarf workshop at the Mountain View Library, all on the machine and this time the machines are threaded and ready to sew! The fabric was found at FabMo – they had about 4 bolts of this stretch rayon fabric so it is has the perfect drape for this project. It is a fairly easy project so I am looking forward to see how the sewing students enjoy it tomorrow night 🙂

Infinity Scarf workshop at the library

A piece a Week – Skirts to dance in for Diwali

Thank goodness last week is over – it was crazy busy with a mid week show at a local school in the Los Altos Hills. Starting off with a book club meeting and ending in a Diwali celebration with much more in between – I must say the weekend and time to breathe and just watch movies was heavenly. 
Continuing my circle skirt theme I experimented with some sari fabric and this amazing sewn striped fabric from a shower curtain – this skirt is a beauty! 
Made from a shower curtain this skirt will swing at all the holiday parties
This is the best dancing skirt as I tried it out at the Diwali celebration at school on Friday 
I had a show with my friend Savi from Recipe Sack at Gardner Bullis Charter School up in the Los Altos Hills. Certainly a very “special” crowd lives up there I was very happy to come back down to Mountain View that evening when it was all over. It was an experience in cultural differentiation that I will live and learn by. 
My booth at the show of about 8 vendors
Thursday I taught the Arts Focus class and the kids enjoyed learning about quilting and some even made a fleece pillow to take home with yarn tassels. I came home and could not get into my house as the lock was jammed and what a drama that was – keep calm and carry on as my son would say…
Friday was the Diwali celebration at our school hosted by the South Asian Families including myself as I have Sri Lankan roots! I helped out with the Rangoli with a friend and saw beautiful designs & color created by the kids. 
Creating a base design (pic by A. Son)

My friend Lavanya made this outside the principals office – I love it! 

Saturday was Caturday for us with a cat party for two of our little friends who turned 1 year old and 5 years old. There were cosplay cat ears and cat tails for the kids to wear and Hello Kitty made an appearance to play with the little ones.

Missy the cat

To end the weekend with some rain Jonathan (from FabMo) and I made a trip to Barnes and Noble for their Mini Maker Faire at their store in Eastridge, San Jose. Jonathan the co-founder of FabMo, 2 other makers and myself presented the FabMo story to the customers and inspired them to make with fabric – all it takes is a needle and thread! It was a interesting concept and people were interested in coming to visit FabMo at their next distribution event – yay!

Be inspired with these amazing fabrics!

A piece a Week – Custom order Patchwork Snakes

Last week flew by with 3 volunteer gigs for the week including my usual Arts Focus sewing volunteering with the kids at school on a Thursday morning. In the evening I wanted to give back to the place that provides me with the most amazing fabric collection – FabMo and it was so enjoyable seeing so many new faces coming through the doors. I generally take the Greeter role that involves introducing FabMo and it’s wonders to people who have appointments. Generally it is all good and I see them come out with bags full of goodies to craft with! Sharing the love of crafting is a wonderful thing!!
The last volunteer gig was for a Diwali event we had after minimum day on the Friday. It was a complete success with lots of delicious food and I helped out with Henna and was an apprentice for the day. A friend of mine did this peacock on my daughters hand. I need a bit more practice but still the kids enjoyed me drawing feathers, peacocks, birds and whatever they wanted on their hands. 
Detailed peacock made from a paisley pattern

Rangoli – folk art using colored sands

Yesterday we visited a friend at a local park that had been refurbished over the summer and found this sit upon lizard – the kids just loved it!

Enjoying a ride on a lizard

Here are the snakes that friends commissioned me to make for them – for a little baby to a Kinder child. They are enjoying the succulents that I am propagating in my garden – the drought has got me thinking about what should be in my garden and succulents are the thing! I love to grow them and the varieties are endless. I found some today that a neighbor was selling as they are moving back to Spain – what a score!!

4 snakes on the table

My favorite snake made from velvet – so soft to touch!

NaBloPoMo – Day 9 – Saturday my favourite day and a Diwali Party

Today I spent studying Qi Gong Moving the Program of Life charts and learning a new meditation. After my day was done I quickly got changed and went out to a Diwali dinner party, of course in a new party dress! 

From Wikipedia – “The name “Diwali” or “Divali” is a contraction of deepavali which translates into “row of lamps”.[10] Diwali involves the lighting of small clay lamps filled with oil to signify the triumph of good over evil.[11]These lamps are kept on during the night and one’s house is cleaned, both done in order to make the goddess Lakshmi feel welcome.[12] Firecrackers are burst because it is believed that it drives away evil spirits.[13][14][15] During Diwali, all the celebrants wear new clothes and share sweets and snacks with family members and friends.”

We had such a fun night out eating some incredible food my friend had prepared and lighting sparklers with the kids. I think the kids enjoyed that the most as it was the first time they had seen them! Yes sparklers are so much fun, I remember the days when we used to write with them and take long exposure photographs! 

I ended the evening eating this leaf with spices called ‘paan‘ – it was funny as I had no idea what it was and it tasted like sandalwood incense! I was asking my friends whether you can get high from it but it wasn’t the correct leaf 🙂 still it was intense and felt like my tongue went numb but that was probably the clove or the fennel seeds?!?

The kiddos having a fun time with the sparklers and the lights

Trunk show goodies

We all had a lot of fun at the Diwali Trunk Show with the delicious food and goodies – here are some pics of the table of the new range of what I will have on offer at the FabMo Textile Art boutique happening Oct 27 2013 in Menlo Park. 
poppypeach bags with the infinity scarves in the background

Silky hair bands for the younger girls

A Local Trunk Show coming up!

The latest news featuring my up cycled textiles is the Beehive Collective Trunk Show coming up on September 14. If you would like to receive an invite to come to the show in Mountain View, CA, just email me trish.rode (at) gmail.com and I can add you to the list. I will feature some infinity scarves made from up cycled Sari fabric, silk bow hairbands for kids, craft bags and small purses. 

Join us on a trip to India. Chaat, samosas and lassi, henna, wonderful trinkets and gifts will transport you to India. 

We have been working hard to make sure that we have a variety of gift items that will be great hostess gifts and, most importantly, to give to all your beloved ones during Navratri and Diwali. And if you are in the mood to get a start on your Holiday shopping, we have you covered as well.
As always, this is an adults-only affair. Please feel free to bring your friends. Just let us know how many…please let us know by Sept. 8th.
Please visit http://beehive.coop for more information about the featured entrepreneurs.