NaBloPoMo – Day 30 – Day out to Half Moon Bay

Today was a trip to take our new car for a spin so a friend suggested we head on over to Lemos farm to check out the pony rides and the farm. That was very cool hanging out with the ponies and riding the train through the ghost town of cut outs! The highlight of the farm for the kiddos was seeing the cats and the kittens – I think I should charge my kids $5 to pat the cats at home 🙂

Afterwards we went to Fitzgerald Marine Reserve and braved the cold for a look into the tide pools. We saw lots of seals and the highlight was an octopus that my friend saw with his first time out to the tide pools – the octopus even wandered out and it is all on video so that was very exciting for everyone! This is the last post of the month and I have to say it has been a very exciting month and now it is a countdown to the New Year!

Mama kitty cat and her kittens 

She’s got a ticket to ride and she don’t care! 

A trip to the beach G

We had a lovely day planned to go tide pooling with friends of our from the East Bay so Half Moon Bay turned out to be a great half way point for the both of our crews. We decided to eat first and then head on down to the cold beach for some tide pooling action! As it was a cold and winter type of day we found this amazing restaurant called Flavor at El Granada. It was one of the best meals I had enjoyed in the 5 years I’ve lived in California – locally sourced ingredients, food made with attention to detail and excellent staff. The freshest of ingredients and homemade pastry is what I thoroughly enjoy. As an added bonus the ice cream is also made in house – I was eyeing off the goat cheese and Pecan but I didn’t try it … maybe next time. Here is a picture of the vegetarian pot pie that my friend and I enjoyed with a spinach and pear salad.

Vegetarian pot pie and look at that green salad

Here is the bathroom which is beautifully designed – I just love the colours! And check out the tiles – now that is a bathroom worth visiting – decent looking bathrooms are few and far between compared to Melbourne. 

Bathroom tile and orange love
After our feast we went on down to Fitzgerald Marine Reserve where it was absolutely freezing and so windy – there was a bunch of Harbor Seals but no marine life in the tide pools due to the fresh water from the rain, according to the ranger. The ranger redirected us to the bluff and through the woods to the beach where we could get a better look see of the marine action. 
These trees are so big! 

It was quite spooky with the dull day and the cold in the air and the kiddos had a fun time chasing us through the trees. Missy Moo checking out the size of the trees.

Abalone shell

The lack of marine life was fine as it was a beautiful quiet beach, I still managed to capture some interesting shots of shells and moss as the over cast light was perfect. 

Crab hanging on for dear life

The ranger was telling us that there was a lot of wild waves over the last few days and as we were wandering the shore we found bits and pieces of kelp, crabs and seaweed. I found this lone crab claw probably hanging on for it’s life while it was being battered underneath the swell. It was well worth the day out to catch up with our friends and breathe some fresh air – aaaah…

A lovely day out to Fitzgerald Marine Reserve

The beauty in the tidepool – a sea anenome

The weekend that San Francisco predicted snow we discovered a low tide during the day so we had planned a day trip to Moss Beach, Half Moon Bay. What a beautiful chilly day it turned out to be with sunshine, blue sky and white fluffy clouds. The tide pools were a lot of fun with the kids and we had a lovely time watching the waves. This time of year there are a few Harbor Seals on the rocks enjoying the sunshine too.