San Mateo gum trees

Gum trees by the bay

Gum trees and Monterey Pines living by the bay

Last Sunday was a random trip down to Coyote Point in San Mateo for the day. Usually we go there and it is so windy, this time we went and the weather was just perfect! I cannot believe this winter weather with a morning temperature of 5 degrees only to increase to to 17 degrees during the day and in the sunshine that is just beautiful. We hung out at Magic Mountain playground with it’s super size slide – the kids loved it and afterwards we went for a walk along the waterfront watching the planes come in to SFO airport. Perfect for a Sunday morning and wanderings in the sunshine. 

A light fantasy!

Peace man!
This year it was finally time to do the drive through light experience! A friend of mine kindly asked if we wanted to join them for the fun… I was quite skeptical at first – the long line, waiting in the car with 3 kids in the back. Well my friend had a secret and we went early – yes that is the secret go at sunset! So our wait was around 20 minutes which was fine and the kids had each other to keep them entertained for that time so everyone was happy. When we finally got through the gates – it was lights down. Drive through and stay in your cars the signs were saying, I didn’t really want to get out as it was a bit chilly willy out there. Here he is ice skating. Chilly Willy the penguin that is!
Cute penguin on ice skates
We had a wonderful time and I had my video camera in my bag too so there is a video that goes with this Xmas joy – it is such a fun way to get into the holiday spirit! And here is a link to the video