Family frolics

Back with my family in Redcliffe on Sunday as we took the train from the Sunshine Coast to the new train station at Kippa-Ring, it was very exciting and so picturesque with the pineapple fields and sugar cane. Very different from the slow Caltrain back in the valley. I have been eating a lot of fish and chips and my good food diet has gone out the window but hey I only visit here once a year and this food is so good!! The walk to the beach from the Air Bnb is only 15 minutes through the back streets leading to a beautiful boardwalk along the entire beachfront.

What I enjoy is visiting with my family when I am here – here is my aunty outside her place with us and the kids with their great aunt. Every time I go to my aunty’s place I check out her collection of retro housewares and she is happy to give them away, this time the glitter seahorse caught my eye!

The kids have been wanting to go for a swim at the lagoon by the beach so why not on a beautiful Queensland sunny winters day we took them out and enjoyed more chips and a delicious fava bean burger from the Suttons Beach Pavillion.  The playground was a lot of fun with a giant pink cage and the gran and grandad enjoyed spending time outdoors with the kids where they could see them in their element.

The weekend was a lot of fun starting with a big night Friday of big Australian wines, a Shiraz or two and a delicious dinner at home with the kids. Saturday we met some friends at a local handmade market and came back for a cuppa and biscuits at our Air BnB. The market was super cool with some wonderful local designers that I loved especially a woodworker who made these stools that fold and can sit together they were so functional and beautiful in design. I am on the lookout for furniture for our house in Melbourne but I will not know what we need until we build, my hubby and I are starting a Pinterest board of ideas for when the time comes. Oh and the added bonus of this market was the food trucks and they were both vegan, so I had a vegan sausage roll which was delicious – oh the food memories I am making on this trip. My sister’s man made a beautiful farewell lunch of potato rosti with poached egg and smoked salmon, sour cream and dill that I truly enjoyed! Until next time my friends.

And to wrap up our weekend we celebrated Christmas in July with the family which was so much fun and of course, I did not eat the roast but scored the grilled barramundi, chips and salad – oh those chips again! At least I know when I go back to California I will not be eating them as I do not like fries. I drank a couple of glasses of NZ Sauvignon Blanc and felt very happy but it was a sad afternoon as I said farewell to my sister, nephew and her cat Millie, until we meet again we love you all!


A piece a Week – A Silk SampleTunic & a Minibar & some ironing board covers!

Back to creating and having the time to play has been so good for me over the last couple of weeks with the kiddos back at school after the Holiday break! I am getting a start on my clothing adventure this year and with a bit of luck (and time on my side!) I will make it happen. 
I found some silk samples at FabMo that I was initially using in a wrap scarf but the fabric was way too beautiful with the embroidered detail that I have used it in this tunic. It looks super cute with jeans and will be perfect for a night out for the Arts Focus reception on Thursday evening – I will have to get some pics of the dress in action!

This dress has pockets too
The back of the dress
Last Thursday as I was driving around the neighborhood I saw this great table with wheels sitting on the side of the road. By the time I came home from school it was still there, score!! I met the owner of the table in the street and she said take it away – yay! I had been thinking about making a minibar at home and here it is… Lift up the leaf of the table, get a glass and mix away!
A rescued table – add a tray, some rum and gin and a succulent for decoration and we are ready to make some cocktails!

A couple of projects sitting on the To Do list since the holidays have been making an ironing board cover for a portable IKEA ironing board for the sewing class at school and as I plan lots of clothes sewing this year – I chose to update the ironing board from Freecycle with inspirational yellow for the craft room.

Getting ready Sew!

The Ironing Board for Arts Focus – vintage floral