Chicken sitting


This week we are chicken sitting, and we are just loving having a couple of bantam hens in the back garden eating bugs and wandering around. We have a makeshift cage out the back made out of a dog run, and they come inside at night time, just to be safe away from those criminals of the night – the racoons. I have heard some horror stories or racoons and chickens, not good at all. This little cutie is Nova, and she belongs to another friend in the chicken project, so we are taking extra care of her.

Sunday we met our friends from Oakland in the San Francisco Botanical Gardens and I just love this place. Unfortunately, it was full of people looking at their phones participating in a worldwide Pokemon Go tournament. So we walked carefully on the paths making sure we did not run into the Pokemon Go peeps not paying attention to where they were going.

Our first stop in the garden was the Austalia and New Zealand section of plants, and it was like being at home, so we added a lyrebird sound effect to make it seem like we were back in Oz. The ferns were amazing, and the Lilly pilly (bottom centre picture) was in bloom, and they looked delicious and apparently they can be eaten! It really made me homesick and being among native flora really makes you feel like you are there.

We wandered over to the neighbours across the meadow to find a wonderous redwood grove, and it felt just like hiking in the redwoods. The redwood sorrel was in full bloom after all the rain, and the meadow nearby was filled with little white daisy-like flowers.

We kept on coming back to the Australian section each time finding something new like the native Holly which was funny. The kids said look, Holly, this is you! Plus we saw old man Banksia in its stages of growth with its spiky leaves.

The kids were hanging for ice cream as the botanical garden was not as exciting for them as it was for the adults. We then found the twirl and dip ice cream truck across the way and went on over to the Shakespeare garden for an afternoon of flowers and sonnets, it makes me want to read some Shakespeare in my spare time.

Back at school/work today and the kids in the kindergarten class are ready for their next project – bees! It is going to be super exciting with their first exploration of drawing their impression of what a bee looks like to them in their art class this afternoon.


Later in the afternoon, I wandered over to City Hall to check out the art exhibition from our Arts Focus kids, and I found Ms Hollys beautiful tapestry purse. I will have to find out how she made this little beauty!

Traveling with a DSLR


This morning I woke up thinking what about my camera – which lens will I take and how will I carry it! The small dilemmas you have when you are trying to pack lightly for a 2 month vacation. So I got out my lenses and found an old Sigma lens the 18-50mm and took a few pics to see how that would go and it will be perfect. I love the most versatile Canon 24-105mm lens I usually use all the time, but that is a haul to carry around. I took some pics with the Sigma around the garden and it looks like that will be the G O.


My other option to carry the body is using the Canon EF 50mm which is super light and takes some super special shots, perfect for faffing around on a day trip somewhere where you don’t need to zoom in peoples faces.

There you go – some example photos from the two lenses and the choice to carry both, my iPhone camera is fine but runs out of space really quickly so it is way better to have an endless supply of shots on hand, who knows what I can capture!


25 days of posts #10 a fine day for gardening

Being Monday & the start of another week of the usual – I thought oh yeah another week blah blah… Today was somewhat special because of the sunshine & warmth so warm in fact that I just wanted to stay in the sunshine! And what better excuse than to do some gardening 🙂 I awoke this morning thinking my plants will die without love – actually there’s been a lot of rain & sun so my plants have been very happy though covered in leaf debris – the garden looks lovely now all swept up & snipped! Here is one of the Meyer lemons from my tree – love!!!

Slowly becoming yellow – I can’t wait to make Meyer Lemon Sables