A piece a Week – Holiday Decorations Class at the library and time to relax!

With the start of the holidays I taught my last adult class at the Mountain View Library for the year with holiday decorations. We had a full class booked full but due to the rain a lot of people decided not to rock up 😦 Still I had an enthusiastic amount of folks who were ready to start cutting and hand sewing with craft thread. 
We used FabMo fabric, felt, fabric scraps, sequins, various laces and ribbon (from donations to the library) and thin ribbon for hanging the decoration. I had made the patterns from traced cookie cutters and drawings of animals and objects onto a card stock. This is a super easy project to make from scraps around the house. I really liked the little bird below that I found online and made it completely out of felt and completed the sewing around the body with blanket stitch. 
Tweet, tweet little bird
A cute stocking by a student
A beautifully stitched cat
A Scottie dog
A complete gingerbread inspired star with the instructions
This cat has whiskers and sequins for eyes
A stocking and a gift with sequins
As a farewell to our friends in O-town for the Chrissy break we visited the Disney Family Museum at the Presidio for the day. As you can see it was one rainy day in San Francisco with the Hello Kitty umbrella. The rain worked out perfectly as we planned to see the Disney Dali exhibition before it closes in the new year. The exhibit was fascinating with the collaboration of Dali and Disney with their film Destino – due to the financial difficulties with World War II the film was not made. Elements of the film were preserved and Disney’s nephew eventually made the film in 2003. The interactions of the two artists and the similarities in their work with surrealism from Dalis paintings to Disneys Fantasia film. 
Hanging out in the rain before the trip to the museum

At the Disney museum we were waiting for our friends to show so we entertained ourselves with a bit of crafting at the Open Studio. There were two workshops that day – one was pet portraits and the afternoon session was 4 leg animation with drawing and animating on an app called iMotion. The kids and the adults really enjoyed the pet portraits in the morning with many of us drawing cats!

Examples of past projects at the Disney Museum Open Studio – Egg head faces with toilet roll bodies

My orange cat illustration and my friends cats of every colour!

The cool thing in the Disney Dali exhibit was a mockup studio and a place for the kids to draw different characters based on the cards that they pulled out – a character trait, a location and a character. Here are a couple of drawings by Mr Ash.

Heroic Desert Skeleton 

Ominous Forest Dragon

Soon the week was over and it was Christmas Day – we had a lovely relaxing day cooking and eating and not doing much at all except talk to relatives on the other side of the planet. FaceTime is an amazing thing and it is so good to have had the time just to sit around and chat! 
Mr Ash made the family Lego mini figures – Dad the epic reader, Mum the controller of the household and Missy with her deep imagination (which is why she had a space helmet on!). So very thoughtful capturing our own little character traits in his own imagination!
The family in Lego minifigures

Merry Chrissy from the Peaches

All of us looking at the camera in this pic!