Time to celebrate Spring with Holi


This pic is most likely after I had a second bucket of water poured all over me – obviously California is no longer in drought and we had a very wet Holi celebration at my friends house this year. The Holi colour was incredible so much neon and so much fun! We started with an amazing spread of food with a potluck of many delicacies. I found a delicious vegan rice paper roll recipe with a chickpea spread on the inside of the rolls with cabbage, carrots, tomato, avocado and mint yummo!

Here is where it all started where we are nice and dry and we are just getting started with the colour and the next second everyone was covering each other in Holi colour!


The kids were in two minds about the festivities but in the end it looks like they had a grand old time with the water guns and all the colour. It was so good the sun was out though we did need a bit more heat after getting covered in water.

There were so many funny moments with the hose, water guns and buckets of water. According to my friend ‘Resistance is Futile’ when playing Holi and it was not very funny when I got drenched. The kids first got me by wetting my pants and then it was all over once I had a bucket or two poured down my back, brrrr. After the first bucket of water, it felt like I had jumped in a pool and then it was all over!


It was so much fun and I cannot wait to do it again though I will have to wait until next year! This is a picture of the aftermath back at home with lots of colour all over me – such a great combination of colours and a splendid way to spend a Saturday afternoon with friends.

52 week project – Sri Lankan Cookbook – recipes I did not have time to post

The last few weeks have been a bit of a blur with the last month of school and lots of random pot lucks announced at the last minute and little projects to be helping the school with. So due to the craziness I had no time to post recipes, I tried a couple but time has been minimal and chaotic!

Here is some Sri Lankan / Indian recipes and foods I have tried…

One of my first Vegetarian recipe books by Kurma Dasa – well loved!

The book and the salad

North Indian Potato Salad sprinkled with roasted pistachios

Lucky for me my daughter’s teacher had a 50th birthday party and celebrated in style with this amazing feast & I got to score some leftovers – in the picture are string hoppers, egg curry, coconut sambol & some ball cutlets (they had meat in them so my husband enjoyed them!)

A lovely treat of a Sri Lankan feast for dinner
The other meal I created was with my friends Recipe Sack of a Vegetable Pulav with fava beans from our garden and whatever vegetables I had on had – it was just delicious and makes a super easy meal for your first night out camping. We went to Sunset State Park for our second camp trip of the year and the beach was a special place to recharge your soul.
Vegetable Pulav with Fava Beans and Coriander fresh from the garden
So my 52 week project has somewhat gone awry with the busy, crazy life that overtakes my projects – I think what I will have to do is post the recipes when I can as some of the Sri Lankan recipes can be so time consuming and too fried that I cannot create the energy to make them. I love fresh lightly stir fried food and salads so I plan to make Sri Lankan with a twist add the spices, ingredients to something I can create and see how that goes! The Sri Lankan food I grew up with was always a treat and it is probably best kept that way 🙂