A piece a Week – Christmas Commissions

Last week slowed down a lot which was so good as a cold came my way and I was quite tired from all the work from the last few weeks. So I had a couple of fun projects commissioned by friends. This one a Secret Santa gift of a Hello Kitty bow in this super cute neon Hello Kitty fabric. 
Trying out the Hello Kitty bow

 My other commission was by a friend from my dance class who is an enamel artist – she wanted a scarf she could wear in her studio. This is made from the wonderful stretch fabric I found at FabMo. She was so happy with the gift to herself and is planning to put it under the Christmas tree.

A scarf for my dancing friend 

Midweek I had an Opthamology appointment to see the specialist about how to look after the Pellucid Marginal Degeneration I was diagnosed with back in March. Seems like I will just be wearing my glasses and enjoying lots of kale with 1 cup of kale giving you 180% of vitamin A which aids with vision and immunity. The specialist said with my 20/20 vision in my glasses is fine and that I don’t need an operation – whew! If I was going to be a candidate for the procedure of corneal cross linking  he would check my optometry history first. He checked my corneas and they were healthy and my eyes were dilated for quite a while after the appointment, so what else do you do when you are waiting around in the hospital except take selfies and knit. 

Dilated pupils after my appointment
Come the end of the week I found these two kitties hanging out on my bed in a position that I wanted to be as the last few weeks have been exhausting – it was an early night for me and it feels so good to be on a break now and having the opportunity to rest and relax.

My two kitties sharing their body warmth

A piece a Week – A dress for a Night out at the Museum

My whole focus this week was making a dress for a night out to the California Academy of Sciences this Friday. I found this lovely silk chiffon fabric and had to line it with a shiny cotton from Japan. It is such a beautiful combination of colours. My last couple of steps to complete this project is to hem it and hand sew in the facing which needs to be done during the day because of the best light! To accessorize I found a beaded bolero at the vintage store downtown and I have some lovely shiny jewels to compliment the colours on the dress – the complete outfit will come together Friday – yay it is very exciting to get dressed up for a night on the town! 
Silky dress with pockets
The weekend was a Deepavali (South Indian name for Diwali) party at our friends place – I did not have a sari to wear but I found this lovely sequin dress at the vintage store on Friday so what better excuse than the Festival of Light to wear many sequins! We played with lots of fireworks outside with the kiddos and ate some delicious food and enjoyed excellent conversation. 
Photobombed by Missy! 

Outside getting some firework action! 

And tomorrow the 17 November I will be teaching a How to Make an Infinity Scarf workshop at the Mountain View Library, all on the machine and this time the machines are threaded and ready to sew! The fabric was found at FabMo – they had about 4 bolts of this stretch rayon fabric so it is has the perfect drape for this project. It is a fairly easy project so I am looking forward to see how the sewing students enjoy it tomorrow night 🙂

Infinity Scarf workshop at the library

A piece a week – Some photography at the Cal Academy of Sciences for Missy’s (early) birthday celebration and an Infinity Scarf commission

Over the weekend it was time to celebrate Missy’s 7th (early) birthday at the California Academy of Sciences. We have opted a couple of times instead of parties a friend can join one of our kids out for a fun experience. We are members of the Cal Academy so we can take a family as well as a little friend.
We spent the whole day at the Academy starting at the Planetarium with their new show Habitat Earth before lunch – which is a good idea as some of the fly overs in the animation make me giddy! Lunch is always good at the Academy though this time there is renovations that I forgotten about so it was Vegetarian burgers on the grill for me. The Rainforest was after lunch and that is always so hot but well worth it and we saw plenty of frogs, butterflies and birds. Down to the aquarium is my favorite and there is plenty to see with the fish feeding and the colorful tropical fish. The baby lion fish was the girls favorite. 
We finished our day with some hands on interaction at the naturalist center upstairs with an owl pellet for the kids to dissect and see what the owl had eaten for dinner!
Baby Lionfish – super cute with its parents
Checking out an exhibit
The birthday girl ready to go! 

A special pastry – since I have not made a cake yet!!

Hey Yellow bird!

Hello glass frog and it’s friends in the Bromeliad

Another cute frog
Loving the aquarium

Coconut octopus from the Philippines – on the run!!

And a friend from my Feldenkrais class loved my infinity scarf so much she wanted me to make one for her. I found this striped sweater fabric and lined it with stretch purple fabric and it is now ready to go to it’s new owner!

An upcycled sweater is now a scarf

NaBloPoMo – Day 5 – Infinite number of loops

Today is my workday at home in the craft room and I am making some stock for the upcoming trunk show I will be having next week. I have been discovering some interesting prints around the place and making them into scarves. As scarves are a favourite accessory of mine I figure they make great gifts 🙂 with the holiday season just around the corner – I cannot believe it is November already.

Finding the time to get this done has been a bit tricky with crazy stuff like some one trying to steal my car on the weekend – totally random things out of my control that happen! The car would not start as the ignition was jammed with a screwdriver?!? Anyway the local police tell me that the reason there is a spike in crime is due to the non violent offenders out on the street trying to get their next hit. Everyone lock your doors and be extra vigilant. Hey it may be time to get some new wheels, who knows??

So here are my scarves all together hanging on my mannequin.

A multitude of colours

Trunk show goodies

We all had a lot of fun at the Diwali Trunk Show with the delicious food and goodies – here are some pics of the table of the new range of what I will have on offer at the FabMo Textile Art boutique happening Oct 27 2013 in Menlo Park. 
poppypeach bags with the infinity scarves in the background

Silky hair bands for the younger girls

A very successful Spring Trunk Show!

I just wanted to say a big thank you to the local peeps who made it to the Trunk Show last Saturday. Our theme was Mothers Day and Fathers Day and of course Spring! The weather was in full force last week and it was beautiful, sunny and very HOT. Still for those who came there was a bounty of goodies to check out and some very tasty treats. Here are some of my dyed scarves that I just love and also pictures of the show – enjoy!

Dyed Silk scarf – I love this colour!

Shibori dyed scarf in purple – my neighbour luckily scored this beauty!

Purple shibori dyed scarf

Dip dyed watermelon and lemon circle scarf – what a great Mothers Day prezzo

The Trunk Show ready to go

My array of goodies for sale

The delicious food and drinks 

I love these Macaroons by Audrey from Macaron & More