A Piece a Week :: Foxy PJs for Winter, time to hibernate!

How very exciting my first post for 2016! I contemplated ending my weekly blog posting of – A Piece A Week but I will give it another year and see how it pans out. Three years is a good amount of time to give a project and it was rewarding and inspiring!
Just before Christmas, I made my PJ pants and I was in the process of making the top when I had to stop to devote my time to other things, such as the kids being home on the holidays. I had a deadline of the 31st December. The issue with not finishing the top in time was Christmas and being at home with the kids and making projects for them and getting my house ready for a remodel. So many unfinished projects linger around in my sewing room only to be overtaken by something that is way more exciting.
Whew January is just in the bathroom project is up and running and the master bedroom has been demolished and will be replaced with amazing porcelain tile from Spain for the walls and we will be also tiling the floor. My interior designer friend has helped me with this project and I am so excited for it to be starting at long last!
So with a little breather after my projects for the kiddos and ordering materials for the bathroom project I managed to finish my PJs in the nick of time. I messed up on the front with the foxes being upside down – I have to get used to working with repeated patterns like this! For the top I used the pattern for a 1970s Jedi top with kimono sleeves and instead of a sash I added metal buttons I had scored from FabMo when they inherited wool fabrics and buttons from a tailor. There are cute little pockets on the top as well as pockets are a good thing to have in garments, even PJs. Everyone can be a Jedi even while they are sleeping – I seriously think these were heavily influenced with all 7 of the Star Wars films I watched over the holidays!
Stretching out in new PJs for 2016
Oh for our NYE celebrations we spent a night out with friends at their house with this amazing photo booth – it was so much fun with a delicious Raclette dinner, some fine wine and wonderful company! There were some super fun games which were hilarious to play and we made it to midnight – Yay bring on 2016!!
Where is our other family member???
Oh there she is!!

NaBloPoMo – Day 6 – A day all over the shop…

Today just started off just fine with the usual drop off and exercise class. This is usually my day of working a nice shift of 6 hours of solid work but due to the madness that is out of my control with the car bizzo that got in the way as well as an appointment at my eye doctor. I spent a good couple of hours there working out that I need a new prescription on my left eye, which means new lenses! Yay it is usually a lot of fun but when my eyes are dilated it is very hard to see anything so the guy who worked at my optometrist offered to take photos of me in these fancy glasses. It was a bit of fun to try them on and it seems that I really like the style that I am currently wearing so I am gravitating towards the same. He found these funky red frames though I don’t know if I could live with them every day. The other colour I was attracted to was ultra violet – who knows what will be the final choice??

Red frames – maybe something different for the future?? 

The rest of the day was spent trying to get some work done I managed to make a couple of scarves though not finishing them. My main focus was making a farewell gift for our school librarian which I completed – whew! She leaves us on Friday and we will really miss her at our school. Other time sucks at the  moment is that I am trying to see if I can upgrade my house to be more energy efficient – mmm you really need to factor in time do any house stuff but I am sure it will be worth it in the end, this house is so cold in the winter! At least when I was at the optometrist I was inspired to paint my stairs like this… Oh that font looks interesting!

May one day I will paint my stairs – oh I have to find some time first!