A tear in the fabric of humanity


This week just gone had a huge impact, not just on the United States and the rest of the world are feeling the repercussions of the results of the US Presidential Election. Since Wednesday the feeling among my friends and I in California have been of complete despair. Still, my husband shared an article with me that sums it up and it all boils down to capitalist greed – worth a read! Let us all feel the grief, and then we must get up and fight for the change that we want to happen.


One of my main concerns is for humanity and the behaviors modeled by this so called President-elect of people thinking that it is OK to basically bully people, just to get what you want. The time is now for an uprising and if anything it will make us fight harder for what we all believe in, then we can finally stick it to the man through sheer grit and determination. Being trodden on by others can only give you strength to stand up for what you believe in.


As an environmentalist, I am upset with is the destruction of well laid environmental policies that so many people have been put in place, only now to be destroyed just like a huge wave on a sandcastle. Again we will work together as a community and fight for what we believe in. And may the odds be in our favor (The Hunger Games, Trilogy).


Still, the tragedy of this vast imbalance around the world of capitalist greed will create a dissident mass who are willing to fight for our rights. And in the words of Public Enemy let’s Fight the Power.


On a final note, here is my booth from Saturday at the Holiday Bazaar at the local community center. People working together mostly women entrepreneurs creating their own businesses – selling on a local level and supporting the community and those around them. In amongst the vendors I worked with a multitude of nations working together to create their own confident path to freedom in their own way.

What I believe is important as a community we work together as a whole to create a society where no one is left behind and we all support one another to achieve our goals – maybe this sounds quite romantic, though all is fair in love and war.

Peace x

Makers Gonna Make


Last week I was in a flurry of making for a show with the Mountain View Parents Association on Saturday. It is a new energy of folks so it should be fun and the bonus is that it is at the community centre. I have made a lot of pouches for your glasses plus little coin or credit card purses that fit neatly into your pocket or evening bag. As I was chatting with my son I found this great little tool box he made with the scouts and I bought it off him for my table display. I had some gold spray paint and here it is living a new life holding my handmade goods.


Some information on the holiday show here that I will be doing this weekend – if you are coming mention this post and get 20% off your total order. Shop local this holiday and support local makers – all good for everyone!


As I was a bit of a busy bee this week with the sewing and then teaching at the end of the week and then I had to cook as a long lost friend was coming over for dinner – the week was over. Then came the weekend and now I am focussing on my studies!

The pic above is an amazing Green Tea Soba Noodle Salad I made on Thursday.


Green Tea Soba Noodles



Watermelon Radish / Radish

Red Cabbage


Coconut oil

For the chickpeas


Olive oil

Warm Water

For finishing

Sesame Oil


  1. Cook your green tea soba noodles in boiling water following the packet instructions – I buy a brand from Australia.
  2.  Cut up all your veggies – I like mine raw – add them to a big bowl. Reserving the watermelon radish for finishing the dish
  3. Have your chick peas cooked and ready (use canned chickpeas, otherwise soak them overnight and cook them in a pressure cooker) and in a bowl mix the miso, olive oil and warm water slowly to create a sauce consistency. Add to the chickpeas and coat them in the sauce.
  4. In an iron skillet add some coconut oil and cook the miso coated chickpeas.
  5. Keeping an eye on the roll them around on the skillet until they look cooked – careful they do not burn!
  6. Take the chickpeas off the heat while you are draining the noodles with cold water. Add the drained noodles to the big bowl of vegetables and mix together.
  7. Pour a dressing amount of sesame oil over the veggies and coat them until they are shiny.
  8. Top with the chickpeas and watermelon radish and enjoy!

Such a super easy recipe and great for a weeknight – the prep is what takes the longest. Of course you can sub whatever vegetables you have on hand for any season – all it takes is some imagination!

And to finish my post this week with some inspiration I heard on the radio this morning from a favourite place of mine in the world – Hobart, Tasmania. This little boy is sewing teddy bears for charity and he taught himself to sew, I was so happy to hear this story it gives me hope for all those little fingers I teach sewing that it will not be a lost art after all!