A Piece A Week :: A Furniture Revamp & Ski Week for the Kids

Over the last week with the kids home I opted for some home projects that required minimal concentration in case I was interrupted by the kiddos! So I grabbed a couple of cans of spray paint, a scarf so I did not breathe the fumes (the kids said I looked like a gangster) and some sample tins of Benjamin Moore paint for the socks (legs) of the stool and tables and my projects were complete.
The Golden Stool for the phones at the entryway
A neon table with purple socks
My neon craft table with bowls of yarn
Ski week for the kids began with some beautiful weather with a hike at McClellan ranch where the kids enjoy looking after the farm animals in their 4H program.
Climbing at the ranch

Tuesday we visited the Team Lab exhibit in Menlo Park for an immersive art experience. As soon as we walked into the darkness the exhibits were breathtaking. Merging nature and digital art in an interactive experience bought a new respect and understanding. Check out the artsy website for more information about their upcoming shows.

Stand too close and the blooms will disappear
One of my favorite pieces a short film combining crows and calligraphic brush strokes


Butterflies and blooms


In a room full of flowers and scents where flowers bloomed on you


A room full of LEDs from floor to ceiling that interacted with your phone


A rocket colored by Missy enters the scene


Ash enjoys the Little People on him
At Mountain View City Hall had an exhibit of Feathers, Fur and Fins and here is Ash’s toucan illustration in pencil.



Sunday we had a family hike at Uvas Canyon County Park – what a Sunday ritual it was with mother nature. Because of the rains the waterfalls were flowing by the trails which made a very calming and refreshing wander through the woods.
Spring blossom peeking through


Climbing up a few tree roots


Hiking in the green


Snack time at the top of the falls


A Fallen Tree Root


A dragons eye


Up into the ferns


Upper Falls in action


A family of rocks caught in the stream


Tree rings of a cut redwood


Moss is coming to get you


From a seed life grows
Here are the kiddos at the same rock wall…
Sibling love 2016


Cute little muffins in 2010

A piece a Week – Back to ceramics and a small thrown bowl

This is what I found when I went back to ceramics last week – this cute little bowl was found on the pick up shelf and it was a bit of a mess on the foot so I got the Dremel and cleaned up the glaze and I just love it! 
3 boiled eggs in a little bowl
After last weeks sock monkey project on the fly at the library I wanted to get a bit organized for next months class so we are doing Felt Heart Pins. A hand sewing project with buttons to add another dimension. We are doing the project at a smallish room at the library and it is way easier to do a little hand sewing project so if you are free on the 2nd February come on down to the Mountain View Public Library and get your Valentines on! 
Make your own Valentine pin in February at the library
Here is a pic from last weeks sock monkey workshop at the library – the time was a bit of a struggle with everyone so a lot of the students left with their monkey in pieces to hand sew at home. 
The bottom of the monkey, legs, mouth and ears

Today we went for a lovely walk out to see Mc Clellan Ranch Preserve to see where the kids are doing their new little projects for this year with the Rolling Hills 4H program. Missy is wanting to work on projects with the Chickens and Ash is wanting to the Pack Goat project – taking goats for hikes, now that sounds like a lot of fun! And both kids are interested in Beekeeping as are we so it works for the whole family. At the ranch there is a nature preserve which teaches the kids about the local critters and also some visitors hatched in California native to Australia. Meet Draco the Bearded Dragon  – we fed him meal worms and he was just loving it! Such a handsome lizard!!

Feeding Draco a meal worm

Tree climbing a fallen tree
Yes I am too cool – my name is Draco!