Camping Close Encounters

For a treat with our neighbours we all decided to go for a camping adventure together to Memorial Park in Loma Mar just near our favourite town of Pescadero. I have to say it was a successful trip for this time of year the mornings and evenings were quite chilly and during the day it was just lovely under the redwoods and by the creek. Here are some of my best pics of the weekend that was generally focussed on relaxing with some wine and eating.

I made some portobello mushrooms with camembert, goat cheese, tomato, guacamole & zucchini which were some parcels of an amazing combination of flavours. With the portobello I added a marinated tofu and grilled eggplant with tzatzaki made by my neighbour – I was quite full after that and then we topped it all off with campfire cones by the fire with some pinot noir. I would have to say it was a successful trip camping together as we work so well as a camping team – it was just like staying overnight at our local park 😉

Our dinner spread 
A vegetarian’s campfire dinner
Kiddos playing with the marshmallows
Sunlight through the redwoods

Dinner at our last camp trip

Hobo dinners on the fire

We  had our last camp trip recently to Memorial Park in Pescadero – what a super weekend it was for Cool Camping (my fellow campers will get that one!). Oh we were inspired by this book for our next camp journey – you know just throw more stuff in the car even if it’s a yurt 🙂 Anyway back to our trip – it was very gorgeous under the redwoods and we enjoyed our time hanging out drinking wine and beer by the cosy fire. Our dinner that evening was a hobo dinner – roasted veges in foil with a marinated tofu steak (for the vegetarians) and the boys had locally made sausages. And our dinner was topped off with hot smores. Oh now to wait until next summer…