A piece a Week – A Pattern Remix

Sidetracked is what happened to me last week – in a mass of projects I saw this beautiful fabric in my project pile and thought what can I make with this? Then a flash of inspiration came – why not combine your favourite top and skirt combination and see what happens? So I used the skirt of a favorite dress pattern of mine. For the top was a fabric a good friend in Portland gave me last time I visited. I really wanted to focus on the super cute birds in the print and used the Geometric Top pattern from the Burda Sewing Vintage Modern book – I pretty much wear the black version of this top every week to ceramics class and it can be layered with long sleeves and with its interesting cut it sits quite low and does not creep up when I am working on the wheel. This dress makes me so happy as yellow is my favorite color. Currently I am planning my wardrobe for when we leave the country to visit Australia in 4 weeks and it will be winter ūüė¶ at least yellow is a happy colour!
Vintage chick fabric
The front of the dress has pockets – which I love
A V at the back of the top with a yellow fabric I found in my stash 

This was going to be a Mothers Day dress but the day was far from what it is today, which is lovely and sunny! Yesterday by the beach in Pescadero the sun was hidden by cloud most of the day so I made this top in a wool to be worn as a layer. I like the way it turned out and it is a lot of fun with a short skirt and tights Рan easy layering piece for a Sunday at the beach in California. 

The geometric top in wool suiting
We had organized to meet our friends from Oakland in Pescadero for Mothers Day for lunch at Pescadero Country Store and after a feast we walked down to see the goats at Harley Farms. There were so many baby goats, way too much cuteness. After our 1 mile cruising walk we decided to go and hang out at the beach for a bit before heading home. Lucky for us we were there in time to see a family of whales swimming by in the shallows. We could see their little fins popping up out of the water and the air from their breathing holes Рsweet! While we were at Pescadero there was a parade down the street celebrating the Portuguese community check out the mini horse taking these folks for a ride! 
Dudes strike a pose Рloving your mini horse! 
We wandered up to Harley Farms to check out the goats as a tradition of ours for the many years we have been visiting Pescadero Рno trip is complete without a visit to the goats! And we were in luck with seeing lots of baby goats and a trip up above the store to the hayloft where sat a huge table and chairs. 

Just like being in Alice in Wonderland 

As it was nice overcast weather we made our trip to the beach for a final farewell to Pescadero.

The pair of us on a rock – very rare photo op!

Missy finds clay and makes a cat

The cat closeup

Adding a bit of detail to the head

A bee in a poppy – one of my favorite photo captures

This guy found a whale bone Рnot really it is a stick! 

A piece a Week – Some photography on Mothers Day

Last week was just too busy for my liking! I managed to grab some open windows of time to get work done for a friend of mine with her pillow project which I am happy to say is completed! The tricky part was installing an invisible zip. I had worked with zippers before on clothing but not for someone who is paying me for professional work so it had to look extra spiffy. In the end I embraced a love for invisible zippers and now I want to put a zip in everything! I took them over to my friends place yesterday and the pillows look lovely in her Eichler house.

With that project completed with the hand sewing on Saturday while I was watching Eurovision 2014 with the bearded lady on the Internet I am somewhat free for other projects at hand. The class yearbook has been sucking up a lot of my time lately but that will be off to print on Friday – yay!

All this extra real work did not create any time for my fun projects this week so I grabbed my camera with a 50mm lens and took it out to Stow Lake at Golden Gate Park for a Mothers Day sojourn with my friend and her family! We went for a lovely row in a rowboat with my hubby and son on the oars and after our boat ride we went for a wander to Park Chow for some delicious sustainable fish tacos!

On our way back we wandered by a big band performing and looked at some waterfalls between the De Young and the Cal Academy of Sciences and the weather was just perfect!

Goslings – a highlight of my day!

A Canadian Geese family 

Off they go into the lake…

A rower in action!

Concentrating little rower

Lovely looking silver tree

Ice cream from Twirl and Dip 

What is going on here?? A bit of spanking maybe??

By the fountain and having a good time!
Next to a Lyre
Little missy with a peace lily

Mothers Day hike

An beautiful looking wildflower for all the wonderful mums out there

We planned a hike with a couple of friends who wanted a low impact walk and we thought that Edgewood Park and Preserve would be a great option and it was! Again a lovely sunny day with great friends, a recipe for a grand day out. And certainly a perfect day to enjoy Mothers Day!