NaBloPoMo – Day 27 – Making Desserts and Fall cleaning the house!

Today was a day of catching up on so many things as the only thing on the schedule was my exercise class and a playdate in the afternoon. I decided to get a start on my Thanksgiving desserts for tomorrow! I completed the vegan chocolate mousse with chopped hazelnuts on top and put them all in little mason jars as we are going to visit our friends in Oakland, perfect for travel! I also prepped the pastry for the pear tart which I will bake tomorow and for the topping I made this very tasty cashew cream that was so easy – dates are such a super ingredient. I see many more in my future especially with  homemade granola bars that taste like Lara Bars – yum!

Hazelnut topped vegan chocolate mousse 

NaBloPoMo – Day 24 – A day out to San Francisco!

Today we planned a day out to the California Academy of Sciences as we became members this year. We met our friends who live locally and hung out together meeting at the cafe for lunch and eating outside in the sunshine on such a beautiful day! We checked out the rainforest and the aquarium and the guys enjoyed a talk on nudibranchs while we saw the penguins and played a computer game where you have to catch insects in a net for studying. Oh and how can I forget the 3D film we saw called ‘The Last Reef’ with some underwater photography I had never seen before.

After the Cal Academy we could not resist time outside at the playground at Golden Gate Park and the kids and I went for a ride on the carousel!

The gang walking across the park with some ice cream 
Ash finds his fave animal to ride on!

Missy spotted the orange cat with a bow and that was her animal!

NaBloPoMo – Day 23 – Beer at lunch, maybe not such a great idea!

Today we had a lunch date planned to catch up with friends we had not seen since the summer! We found a new place to hang out Steins Beer Garden and eat but being in a beer garden is maybe not such a great idea as there is beer to be drunk from fancy glasses. Hey I am not even a beer drinker but they had a strawberry beer and I should have just stopped there! Anyway we continued and then wandered down to the park so the kiddos could play and then visited some friends at the coffee shop for an art show. All in all a big day and quite tiring by the evening – now my list of To Dos is still long, at least I feel relaxed and ready to sleep.

The strawberry beer that was just too good! 

NaBloPoMo – Day 20 – Getting ready for another show!

Tomorrow marks another fundraiser at our elementary school – so come on by & shop local! I have a bunch of tote bags made from upcycled fabric, hair clips for the girls and infinity scarves that all make super gifts. I have also been making gift bags out of wallpaper so these items will be all ready to gift!

Here is a project I have been working on – big dramatic bows made from silk samples & they are stunning and super easy to make (well once you have done all the sewing!) I am sure they will be perfect for any holiday party and add a touch of whimsy to your holiday outfit.

Big silk bows with alligator clips on the back 

NaBloPoMo – Day 18 – A day with errands – Marin piccies from 2012

Today was exciting as it is Monday and my usual is exercise class, Whole Foods and pick up the kiddos. The excitement at Whole Foods was that the lights went out when I was there – they lost the power and the music went out, it was very strange shopping in the dark without the fluorescent lighting! Soon the music came on and I was back to shopping in the dark 🙂 After check out, just to be safe I sent my cart in the lift and walked down the stairs just in case I got stuck – yikes! Anyway after all of those thrills I came home only to go and hang at school for the rest of the day, yawn I need to get to my yarn and start knitting and being productive! 

So with the lack of thrills in my day I have been clearing out the pics in my phone to make room to update to the new OS & I found some super cool pics from a Marin weekend away last year.

Wild mustard with a blue sky – the day before was freezing!

A huge gum tree on the trail to the beach from the YMCA Hostel

Missy moo and the huge tree!
Where are the hobbits? At the Sausalito Childrens Museum 

Point Bonita Lighthouse 

The Golden Gate Bridge – with some filter from my phone

A cairn by the waves on the beach in Marin

Let us hike to the beach! 

NaBloPoMo – Day 15 – ShowMe – a very cool app for the kiddos!

Today as we were hanging back at school with my son’s teacher we were shown this great app called ShowMe – it’s for the iPad and you can create all sorts of presentations with it. As soon as we got home Miss Holly wanted to have a play on it and she created a show on how to draw a cat! It is very fun to watch – you can see it here… Of course in class it is used for teaching others their math concepts and the like but it is very fun for the kids to play with as you can see!

Here is a still from her presentation.

How to draw a cat – the presentation called ‘Hollys cat’

NaBloPoMo – Day 13 – Box of Trinkets

Today I had my full work day of a good 4 hours of solid time to get my inventory done for the upcoming Trunk Show this Saturday the 16th! If you would like to come visit this site for an invite…

Anyway I managed to get my last couple of pieces complete and ironed and photographed for inventory pics. I love to put on Pandora and listen to music while I work away – today it was the Lamb station with lots of Bjork thrown in for good measure. I love listening to Bjork there are many memories of good times from my home back in Melbourne!

The picture of my box of trinkets are little pins I have made either for a lapel or for your hair. There are silk ones and also ribbon ones sewn together to make a flower. They are fun to make and easy when you have a glue gun and felt handy. I have another show at my kiddos elementary school next week so it is go, go, go at the moment in between doing my usual volunteering at school. The Thanksgiving break will be something I am looking forward to – as every week just seems to fly by with the amount of work I am fitting in each day. To keep busy is great but then I think what happened to my garden and my house when there is so much to do… I suppose that is on the ‘To Do’ list for another day!

I found a wooden cigar box at FabMo last week and that is going to be the trinket box

NaBloPoMo – Days 1, 2 & 3 – a Combo Post

A friend of mine reminded me by her FB posts that it is National Blog Posting Month! As I just finished this great instagram contest through SF Etsy called Craftobergram and had such a fun time posting daily – I wanted to challenge myself with doing a daily blog post.

So here goes… I wanted to talk about the booth I had at the FabMo Textile Art Boutique – exactly a week ago! It was such a fun day with meeting lots of new people and volunteers that I have met before. The beginning of the day was quite slow due to the weather being very foggy and cold. Soon the crowd picked up and we had a busload of ladies that had come from Sacramento just to go shopping at this event and that was when the energy picked up! I met a lot of people commenting on my work saying it was very colourful and chatting about what I was knitting while I was sitting at my booth. I sold about a third of my stock so all in all it was a successful day – I had made about 30 items and 13 of those were brooches. The larger bags were the bags I was wanting to sell and they all went – I think a large tote is a good thing to have. Here are a couple of pictures from the show.

My booth all good to go after I set it up!

The view from my booth – checking out the art on the walls

This weekend I was at a Qi Gong class – 2 x days 9:30 to 5pm working on the Moving Program of Life. We learn about working on a chart using our time of birth, year, date and month that will balance our life and we can move along our path in life smoothly. I must say it is wonderful being with such a lovely group of ladies and our teacher my acupuncturist Catherine Burns. Something I discovered today is that I should wear more green – here is one of my favourite shades of green.

Lovely green moss with teeny fungi