NaBloPoMo – Day 22 – Snail Houses and Park Play

What another chaotic day it was with volunteering at school in my daughters Kinder class with a substitute teacher and absolute craziness in the classroom! After that was all over I just wanted to come home and have a come of tea and a lay down but lunch was the next best option. An afternoon of knitting in the park with my neighbour was the best way to wind down the week of busy-ness that it was!

Missy with her snail house! 

NaBloPoMo – Day 8 – What are you hopeful for??

This morning in my son’s classroom their reflection question was ‘What were/are you hopeful for?’ which I thought is very thought provoking and makes a great subject for a blog post. So I have taken a few pictures to be show what I am hopeful for.

The fog this morning

 This day started off foggy and the beauty of this with the kids running around being enveloped by the fog and having such a good time showed me the hope that kids have no matter what the weather is. Also the fog in it’s glory burns off to become such a beautiful day this time of year – that truly is hopeful, California is a gorgeous place to live!

I might look like a gangster with my tights on my head – but no I didn’t steal this Google bike?

I am hopeful for my kids and the laughs they give me no matter now small and silly they may be! This is missy mo with her tights on her head, on this warm autumn afternoon looking very serious!

Beautiful light down at the park this afternoon 

I love being surrounded by nature and the beauty of trees with their autumnal colours makes me so happy things that make me hopeful about the environment are the passion that people have for the environment and how much they care and I care that we preserve such incredible places.

My little one who is now growing up and finding his feet in this world

This guy who is getting bigger by the day learning and growing with his confidence in himself is such a beautiful thing to see! And I am hopeful that with an education by dedicated and passionate teachers who instil such confidence for kids to achieve their hopes and dreams for the future. I am lucky to be in a community who thrives on passion and hope and it is such an incredible place in this universe for the here and now.