A piece a Week – A Fascinator and a Corset ready for Maker Faire

We do not get much of an opportunity to get dressed up these days – living the life of a mama in utilitarian though interesting clothing. So to me an event like the Maker Faire is time to get dressed up! I am volunteering at Swap O Rama Rama this Saturday for half the day and I thought it would be good for the would be sewers to be inspired by an upcycled outfit. Alabama Stitch Book takes all the credit for the corset as it is a pattern in the book for a reverse applique project. This matches the skirt I made a couple of weeks ago using the same repurposed tee shirt fabric from FabMo. Checking out the weather it will be a bit cool on the weekend so I am adding a shirt underneath with the scarf and brooch in the pic. Should be a fun, yet practical outfit to wear for the day! 
The fascinator was from a tutorial I found on Pinterest using a mascarpone container. The tutorial I found uses a cup so that sat higher on the head. I like how this came out it is a cross between a small bowler and an air hostess all jazzed up! 
Ready to get dressed up for the weekend

Stitching detail on the front of the corset

The accessories for the neck the scarf and brooch from repurposed silk samples

The front

The back – machine sewn as I ran out of time on my sewing day which was mothers day!

A piece a Week – The Reverse Applique Skirt

Last weeks post I started a reverse applique project that has turned into somewhat of a habit that I am enjoying! This is the skirt I have been working on in panels – I plan to wear this to the Maker Faire coming up on May 15th. I am volunteering with Swap o Rama Rama this year who upcycle clothes into new beginnings. I had a blast last year chatting to so many people and assisting them in their creations! So my outfit is going to consist of upcycled fabric from FabMo and the skirt has been bedazzled 🙂 with a bedazzler from my neighbors yard sale!! The skirt needs some elastic at the top and then it will be complete. I am still working out the top in the same fabric – I am off to collect some more fabric tomorrow if it is still around at FabMo. 
Front of the skirt – bedazzling in progress

The back of the skirt with a double reverse applique.

Also the bandanas have been an excellent portable project – made from the scraps. Here is one I made this week that my daughter likes to wear.

Keep that hair outta my face!
The culmination of all the rehearsals was last weekend taking up the whole weekend my daughter performed in two of the In Wonderland shows and my son was in every one working crew backstage. The show was just incredible so amazing to see the kids in character and so happy to be part of such a wonderful show written and directed by one of our talented parents at school. Even though I was exhausted from driving back and forth to rehearsal I cannot wait until next year’s play – I love theatre so much 😀
The kids before the Friday night show

Having a fun time at the finale song – Here I go again on my own, Going down the only road I’ve ever known!
Check out video – pure 80s!!

The chamomile cast singing together!!
Such a professional production – the kids are so talented.

A piece a Week – A bunny with Neon Whiskers

I made this bunny blanket buddy for my friends new bubba, their little one is now over 2 weeks old so I cannot wait to visit him. This week is way too busy so we have to wait until the play In Wonderland is over this weekend. 
Little bunny blanket buddy with neon whiskers!
I wanted to also try a new embroidery technique that I have been wanting to try for a very long time! This is reverse applique from the Alabama Stitch book. It is very relaxing and I am enjoying it very much – I can just put the fabric on the hoop and take it with me in my basket. I decided to make a quick hair band from the book, simplified without beads, as this is for my pottery class to keep my hair out of my face when I work. It is super cute and I am looking forward to wearing it on Friday. 
1 panel down another 3 to go…
Reverse applique hair band to keep my hair out of my eyes

Here is one of the bowls I have made in wheel throwing class. My teacher Danny showed me how to trim last week. The process itself was not too bad once I got a hang of the tool and how to hold it in the right place. This one is sitting by other greenware ready to be fired in the kiln!!

2 bowls trimmed ready to be fired!

And Saturday was the Spring Parade (go to the link at 18:33 to see our school!) we all had a lot of fun with lots of other families wandering down the main drag and enjoying lunch in the sunshine on a beautiful Saturday .

Around the World in Mountain View – this years Spring Parade theme