We are women – now hear us ROAR!


Saturday marked a huge event for the knitting activists AKA Craftivists in all of us! I made a total of 13 pussyhats (and still counting!) for the Women’s March. Knitting 6 for the group I marched with and another 2 were sent to Washington DC for women in the march and a friend wanted one made so she bought me the yarn and I knitted it for her, I knitted for my neighbor and ladies in my exercise class and I am still knitting one for a good friend in Oakland. If anyone wanted to offer me money for the yarn and knitting them, I said to them please donate to a cause that you believe in such as the ACLU. I love how knitting is subversive and how these hats created an impact for the wearer, it said this is what I believe and what I stand for and was handmade with love!

I have been knitting the hats in a bulky yarn and on Saturday evening I watched the film  ‘Hunt for the Wilder people’.  I had the hat finished by the end of the film. I really loved that film as it was hilarious, the characters were quirky and the acting was superb, something I really needed after a day marching and feeling the energy of the crowd! To top off this wonderful New Zealand film the scenery was just breathtaking, I so want to visit New Zealand one day! Hopefully soon, when we finally get back home to Australia.


A couple of the crew here with pink pussyhats on, waiting for the march to begin!
More pussyhats and the huge crowd of people bottlenecked heading towards the rally in Cesar Chavez Park


The activist in me is alive and furious now after this Women’s March, and I promise to do whatever I can to help the resistance against the tyrant that is now the President of the US. I could not vote in this country as I am not a citizen but the whole world feels for the total lack of morals this man has for anyone but himself. It is really difficult to comprehend the craziness that is happening at the moment but we all know that we have to face the fact that this madman is in a place of power and will do whatever he and his band of cronies can do to support the capitalist regime of destruction.

I read an article in Bustle about ‘What to Tell People Who Say You have to Accept the …… Presidency Now’ (sorry I don’t want that name on my blog). In the article, this point rang true to me and that is the fact that, “I condemn ……. as a human being”. His opinions and his concept of “great” has nothing to do with the progress of the future and living in a society that accepts all people. A billionaire has no concept of wanting anything but more for himself and everything HE alone stands for – America is not a wasteland – it is a place full of creative, energetic, human beings wanting to do good for the world and in general. Americans (here on da West Coast anyway) are really caring people, who really do want to make a difference! But now I am living in this bubble on the West that is called Silicon Valley, and I am surrounded by so many cultures, this is what has made me stay here for all this time. Our elementary school had so many countries represented on International Day ranging from Japan to Israel to India to the UK and beyond, the food was amazing!


We got this – let’s use our bodies, minds and power as a democracy!


Coming from Australia, I am used to living in an area that is a melting pot of cultures and people from many countries.I have come from Australia is a place where your neighbours do not get harassed because they wear traditional clothing. A place where your neighbour who is an Italian grandma, has a pet rooster and likes to have a chat about the kids in her strong Italian accent. WE accept people for who they are and assimilate them to our communities and our into our lives. This is what being human is about, because living in a global world means to accept others no matter where they came from. We need to listen to their stories and you may find that their stories relate to your lives some way, stop listen and do not be afraid. We all need this in our lives, who wants to live under a dictatorship fueled by hate and supremacy? Not ME and the millions of other people who marched around the WORLD.

As to why I marched on Saturday 21st, 2017 – women’s rights, people’s rights, diversity, protection of our mother earth, acceptance, truth, justice, science, education, respect, being human and most of all love. Let us continue to fight for our rights for freedom and justice, to live in peace with each other and for each other.

This is what democracy looks like!


A piece a week – A craft organizer made from Jeans & Spring break fun/food plus artwork for the school play, yay!

We had no plans on Spring Break except to hang around and catch up with friends. It was excellent to just run errands and chill out for the rest of the day. Currently I am in Spring cleaning mode 😀 Which is a good thing! I have been reading about clearing clutter and throwing away your stuff but it is just not very motivating to go through absolutely everything… So I chose a few spaces that I enjoy being in and want to keep them tidy and free from clutter – well let me tell you, with kiddos that is a hard task to keep spaces in shape!! 
My craft room needed a major clean out so I got to that room (after the kids room) and decided that my projects needed to be near my machines and in easy access or they may get fur all over them by the kitties, as anything is a target for my two cats – one sheds more than the other. Any fabric that is wool is like a magnet for fur – there’s a scarf in one on the pockets of this organizer that I need to complete that has the furry treatment all over it, even the cats create work for me!!  
So to make this lovely organizer I used a pair of my husbands old jeans and cut off a leg and folded the top down and added FabMo fabric samples under the back pocket! Next time I am looking for my next project – there they are waiting in the queue on the wall…
The organizer made from an old pair of jeans and some FabMo samples
The week went by really fast and we enjoyed some sleeping in and going down the park, going to the library, catching up with friends and eating out (this is a treat for us!) I even took the kids on a car service trip to Subaru, San Jose and we went to Santana Row for a bit of shopping – everything is high end there except places for fast fashion like H&M (excellent for the kiddos clothes and shoes) and this cute little Japanese store the kids really enjoyed with me! Of course I love Anthropologie to check out the fabrics and dresses. It was a fun day out and we went to my new fave vegetarian place Veggie Grill. This is the Tres ‘fish’ tacos – yes fake fish but yummy nonetheless and perfect for lunch with the kids. Their kids menu was yum too with veggie burgers and mac and cheese with nutritional yeast for extra flavour.
Tres ‘fish” tacos and jalapeno green salad 
And another lovely feast we had at Yam Leaf Bistro in Mountain View – this is an $8 lunch and everything here is vegetarian too which I love! Oh and their Pupusas and horchata are delicious and filling, ever since I tried them at El Calderon (their previous entity) I still love them except the horchata is not served in a hollowed out gourd anymore 😦
The Salvadorian Style Tostada

Park play was a lot of fun in the afternoons and we visited a friend in Sunnyvale at their local park Las Palmas. This park has always been a favorite of mine and now it has been renovated the kids love it. There is this huge volcano climbing structure and slide and statues from Easter Island that are in the pond. As you can see the kids enjoyed being in the pond with their scooters. Though due to water restrictions at the moment there is no pond – this is a collection of rain water from the small downfall overnight.

Scooting through the water!

Friday I had my first wheel throwing class through the city of Sunnyvale – it was so exciting to be in a pottery studio with 3 huge kilns and lots of pottery wheels overlooking a lake with fake swans. My teacher walked me through the space and told me where everything was and the processes. Man it is going to be a huge learning curve for me but I am loving it, the challenge of it all is so stimulating and I cannot wait to go back this Friday. The kiddos were at gymnastics camp for the day and they had a great time too! Afterwards we went down to the park and the kids made art with chalk, flowers and leaves.

Missy creating her masterpiece

I volunteered for doing the art for the school play as Missy is in it this year, every parent has to help behind the scenes. As my life before kids was a graphic designer this should be a super fun gig! My brief for the school play was Alice in Wonderland meets Steampunk so I had to design graphics for the program and the tee shirt – I love playing in Illustrator and here are the finished pieces. And I got the OK from our Director today – yay!!

Day tripping on our last few days of Summer

The last couple of weekends before the Summer holidays came to a close we went day tripping with the family – I had this Groupon for Bowling for 2 hours which we all loved playing 2 games. My other half did really well on his first game of bowling and thrashed the lot of us – beginners luck! Afterwards we had worked up an appetite and we found this super Persian bakery and cafe close by that baked this amazing bread called Sangak Bread. We all had a wonderful feast and I enjoyed this delicious vegan wrap with lentils. 
If you are ever near Santana Row – go local and check out Yeganeh Bakery, the food and service is amazing!
We met out Oakland friends at the Pacific Pinball Museum at Alameda in the East Bay for a super day out by the beach (it can be a bit stinky – I recommend pinball all the way!!). You can wander in there and play for $15 / $7.5 all day unlimited and they have an amazing collection of pinball machines. I just loved it as I went back to when I was young and the days of when I had a pinball machine at my house and played it all day and night! I think Santa bought us a pinball machine for Christmas, what a score of a prezzo… 
The kids playing pinnie at a collection of the mid century machines

All aboard to Portland…

View from the Coast Starlight train at breakfast – nice!

We went on our Christmas holiday to Portland – via train with the children… mmmm! Our start was delayed by a couple of hours due to rain & it was 11pm by the time we were on our long ride up the Pacific North West. Still it was a journey that is worth doing once 🙂