A piece a week – Emerald stripe shawlette WIP and a Trip to the Emerald city Seattle

This post is a bit late as we were visiting some friends up in Seattle for a week. It was our first time up there visiting the city and it is just beautiful. The sun was shining and the weather was warm. The last time we flew in and drove out of Seattle up the I-5 all the way to Vancouver, Canada to do some visa business and it was raining, cold and not so blue!

This weeks project a super easy knitting project called the Seven and Zero Shawlette (I still have not finished it). I started it just before we left so I could have an easy project to do at the airport and it is an easy pattern to memorize. Oh, it has been a lovely knit and I am looking forward to finishing it as we felt the chill down the park this afternoon, even though it is still summer! I wasn’t up to doing a linen stitch at the beginning so I put a few rows of linen stitch in the centre in emerald green – just like a forest of trees you see from the highways of Seattle. The colour of the yarn is chipolte and is black with deep red throughout, I have a lack of darker scarves in my collection… so looking forward to seeing this for the upcoming season.

While we were in Seattle we visited the Aquarium to see the Giant Pacific Octopus, went to North Bend to go to the Twin Peaks cafe for some cherry pie, went on a bus and travelled on a boat from Lake Union to the Locks, enjoyed a chocolate tour at Theo in Fremont, chilled out by Lake Sammamish and visited the Woodland Park Zoo. It was certainly a mix of fun stuff with friends and very family friendly. After we visited the troll sculpture who lived under the Fremont bridge, I enjoyed the Fremont Sunday market near Theo with an underground car park filled with vintage clothes and other treasures. And on the the streets lot of food trucks and this guy, I really want the ladder back chairs for my table – such an interesting person to talk to about woodworking. I really love Shaker Style furniture as the designs are so practical and timeless.

My Emerald City shawlette in progress

Feeling tentacle of the Giant Pacific Octopus

Monkeys unite at the zoo!

Hanging out with the Komodo dragon

Enjoying one of the many ciders on offer in Seattle

Kids doing what they love – climbing big trees!

NaBloPoMo – Day 4 – Technological Advances in Field Trips!

Today my son went on a virtual field trip with his 3rd Grade class with two other schools in the USA – Harlem, New York City and Bellevue, Nebraska. They visited the Seattle Aquarium and the Minnesota Zoo in the US and the Solar Impulse Project in Switzerland.

I am so thrilled that my kids have the opportunity to experience this and ask questions on such fascinating subjects. I know my son loves the aquarium and the zoo but the Solar Impulse project is pretty awesome with a solar powered airplane that will fly around the world. The Europeans have such an inspiring point of view with their passion for life and their care for world as a whole.

This field trip was a Google Plus Hangout that was created and I am in awe at the wonders that exist in technology and how lucky the kids are!

Here are a couple of links for the videos – they are quite amazing so check them out!

The Solar Impulse Project

The Seattle Aquarium

Minnesota Zoo

My son is screaming with excitement as he talks to the guys in Switzerland
at 6:45pm on the other side of the world!