So what the heck have I been doing?

Here are some pictures of what’s been going on in the crazy month of May! From the kitten to the Maker Faire to Sequoia National Park – there are some of my favourite pictures of the month.

Bella on the fence

Bella our new addition to our family is getting bigger by the day – she is over 6 months old and still as cute as ever. She has lost all of the collars I have given her so far, which are 3 including her safety tag from the cat rescue place 😦 So here she is sporting a new neon pink and purple collar which she still has, yipee! She is such a wanderer that she needs to keep a collar on so people know she has a home.

Please be kind to the forest
Electric Giraffe

The above pictures are my favourites from the Maker Faire… I was volunteering to work at the FabMo booth this year and we did a couple of crafts with the kids and the adults. The craft I was working with was decoupage with tiles to make a collage and the other craft was an owl made out of a fabric sample on card – which was a lot of fun though I stabbed my finger with a staple and my owl was a bit bloody! Still we had a wonderful amount of people visit the booth when we crafting with the tile and people were so happy with what they made too 😀

Ash and I were very excited to see General Sherman
‘What the hell man’ we made it to the waterfall – yay!
Hug a sequoia today
The first time I had ever seen a marmot in my life – so cute!!

My what an amazing place Sequoia National Park is! We camped at the Lodgepole campground that we booked in January and it was just such a beautiful place to be, surrounded by masses of trees and wild animals – we even saw a bear on the road as we were travelling up the mountain to 6700 ft. The highlight was to see so many sequoia trees in the big trees grove where we hiked over 4 miles through the forest from the Giant Forest Museum to the General Sherman Tree. So many massive trees just so big that to capture them on camera is nearly impossible so you need to add people to get a sense of perspective of how giant these trees are. The General Sherman tree is the largest living thing on earth by volume and what a mob of people were there to visit it – I wonder if all the people visiting the tree support conservation efforts and make a difference to the environment, let us hope so! As you can see in the picture we had to take the shot with the ton of people in the background – my son and I were very excited indeed!! We did a family friendly hike the next day from our campground which was around 4 miles return to a waterfall high up in the sky, well it felt like that after we had hiked through the small rocks and under the massive boulders to get there. The reward was a big drink of water and some snacks while checking out the view. The kids did the hike without a problem and it was so easy to just take off from the campground and hike. What I loved best about Sequoia National Park was that you could hop a shuttle to the major stops and take a hike from there and catch the shuttle back to the campground, it makes life so much easier when you don’t have to drive from the campground to hike around the forest. Oh and the wild animals, apart from the bears the deer and the chipmunk, I loved seeing the yellow bellied Marmot – what a joy to see such a furry critter bounding about on the rocks.

Looking down into the valley between Sequoia National Park and Kings Canyon National Park

A very memorable Memorial Day Weekend

We planned our Memorial Day weekend in January this year and it has been something that we had all been looking forward to. The weather that was in store was just perfect for a long weekend hiking in the woods. We booked a cabin near Yosemite National Park and stayed on the south entrance so we could finally make our trip to the sequoia trees at the Mariposa Grove.
Cloud and a lake as we were travelling the Pacheco Pass

We were hot in the car travelling from the valley and as we headed from Gilroy a thunderstorm came in and it started hailing. The clouds and the sky looming overhead was just awe inspiring which took our attention away from the bad traffic.

Sunset along the highway

As we left when everyone else did for their long weekend break the traffic was just horrible – note to self not to do this again! Still we got to drive past the Pistachio fields and enjoy the sunset before we stopped for a quick bite to eat before we headed up the mountain to Yosemite.

Cedar Valley Lake in Oakhurst

We stayed in a super cute cabin by a creek which was so relaxing. We enjoyed a small wander through the neighbourhood and found this creek which I imagine is very popular in summer. Still it was enjoyable to spend our first day relaxing after all the travelling of the day before. It took us twice as long to get to our cabin due to the traffic. Anyhow we spent the first day in Oakhurst and enjoyed a Mexican lunch before heading back to the cabin for a relaxing night by the fire watching Jaws.

A life saver as a stitch marker

A road trip is not complete without a knitting project and this little bandana scarf was completed in the weekend. And as I didn’t have stitch markers in the car a packet of Life Savers at the servo came in handy!

A grove of Sequoia trees – not the biggest but still huge!

On the Sunday we had discovered that we had to leave early if we had to have a chance to enjoy the Mariposa Grove without a traffic jam – which included people and cars. Man what a place to be -wandering in amongst the oldest living things on Earth on such a beautiful day. Certainly these giants of the tree world need to be seen in real life to capture all their glory. Pictures cannot express how huge these trees are – the Grizzly Giant is the size of an airplane! I loved it and it took us 4 miles to wander the grove and explore the grandest collection of trees I have ever seen.