A piece a week – A painting for Spring Break

My plan for the kids spring break was to relax and do a bunch of art activities… instead of art activities  there were activities mostly outside catching up with friends at Shroup Park, Picchetti Ranch, Cantor Arts and Rancho San Antonio – the weather was superb! That was pretty much a trip out every day plus time at our local park to play too! The only art activity we did manage to do was when we had a couple of hours spare before we went out to the Cantor Arts Center at Stanford.

I had a plan as the week before I went to see the Georgia O’Keefe exhibition on Friday for my birthday with my hubby and was inspired to get some creative exercises happening with the kiddos. I had found a couple of photographs and the kids chose one to use in the paintings. The idea was to paint the whole canvas and paint everything big! Well, as it turned out both kids enjoyed the tulip element and incorporated it into their painting in a big landscape. So this is what I have now on the walls of my stairwell.

My painting from the picture

My daughters interpretation

My sons interpretation – adding a Minecraft creeper underground

Our paintings together!

It was a lot of fun and was completed in a couple of hours and we were out in time for when the Cantor Arts Museum opened. The fun thing about the museum is that when we arrived the lady at the front desk asked the kids if they wanted an art pack! I had no idea that they encouraged the kiddos to have a fun time drawing while they were observing art so that was an added bonus to our morning out. The kids were going to each room and finding a piece of art that they would draw and focus on, it was so much fun to watch them too while I was enjoying the art myself. At the end of our trip through the Cantor, the kids received card stock mount boards for their artwork to put on their wall at home and of course they could not wait to hang their drawings up!

Checking out Sequence by Richard Serra
My favorite place in the Cantor – the Native American arts

The Cantor to me was the highlight of the week though we had a lot of fun at Shroup Park, Picchetti Ranch and Rancho San Antonio. The trip to Deer Hollow farm is always a pleasure and this time with the spring babies it was even more so!

A baby lamb out on the pasture
The neighbors and my kiddos in the tree hollow at Rancho San Antonio