Keep on moving don’t stop…


What a crazy week it was last week with 3 minimum days and the schedule totally upside down – I really felt like this doll, flat out by the end of the week!


Still, the weekend was big and the 2nd Annual Summer Bike Ride was something Safe Mountain View has had in the pipeline for the last 6 months. I was a part of the ride committee as I volunteer for Safe Mountain View, to promote safety on the streets. Our bike ride on the weekend was a success with just under 100 people showing up with their families to ride their bike around the city of Mountain View.

We rode in ‘bike buses’ of groups of 6-8 people taking it to the streets and riding together creating this amazing feeling as cyclists on the road. To have that sense of empowerment and pausing traffic ever so slightly was the best! Even some of the motorist were keen to join in the fun!

To ride in a group the kids felt safe too and I am thankful for this ride as it really encouraged my daughter and gave her the confidence that on a bike you can go where ever you like as long as you are safe and aware on the road. Now she wants to ride to school, sounds good to me as I like any excuse to get on my red bike and ride around. After the ride, we had a picnic back at Bubb Park and enjoyed ice cream after our well-deserved picnic lunches. Everyone was happy to have some ice cream and there were even seconds for anyone who wanted more!


On Sunday we met some friends who live in San Francisco at the Treasure Island Flea Market for the day. Coincidentally on this day, there was a vintage trailer display and the interiors were so inspiring. The only thing to get a family trailer in action you need some sort of big truck so our Subaru sedan will not do the job. The teardrop or canned ham trailers are perfect for sleeping two which means we leave the kids out camping in a tent, maybe not! I have to get my hands on the book that was being displayed at the sites just to get an inside on design ideas.

I absolutely loved the colour schemes of the trailers – mid-century blues, pinks, and greens. The Shasta trailer was a popular choice of the day with a cost of just under $10,000 with an original interior it seems like a dream at this moment in time!


As it was a fun flea market I wanted to road test a new skirt I made last week for the upcoming Textile Art Boutique I will be a part of. The skirt worked well with the wind and just created a little bell when the gusts of wind came underneath – so no flashes of my leggings! The other bonus as Treasure Island is about an hours drive away in the car the minimal crushing of the fabric for the drive was excellent, so I will be making more of these this week and getting my inventory up and happening. I have until mid-October to get a bunch of new stock together so I better get moving!!

A piece a Week :: Geometric Skirt

This week I found that I really need a ‘practical go with everything skirt’ in my closet and I found this great pattern for a geometric skirt. The great thing about this is it was from a 1970s vintage pattern and the pattern original is longer in design. I made this above the knee and is a fun skirt to wear and I choose a corduroy to keep in theme with the 1970s. It reminded me of something I might wear on the streets of Melbourne catching the tram. I love how it goes well with the Missoni vest I had to buy when Target bought them in the store years ago! This week I have made a fun animation with the pics from the photo shoot.

Hey I can see the tram – hey stop here! 
Here is some action!
And then it was the Valentines week – I went to yoga on Saturday morning and found this heart on the wall near Ava’s the grocery store downtown. So here are a few things that I am thankful for this weekend! 

Love is all around! 

Time for yoga at Yoga Belly downtown Mountain View with the amazing owners Will and Aaron – they always make me laugh in the hardest of yoga poses. When I am smiling and exercising in a 90 degree fahrenheit room I know I am having a good time!!

This pic was taken before it landed on top of me & I still love it! 

I love my bike and the event organized by the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition – the Women, Wine and Chocolate event in San Jose. I am thankful to be surrounded by some awesome women who invited me to come and check it out and ride in downtown San Jose on the Women only bike train through the downtown – yay good times for all!

Holding Kelly the chicken

Thankful that I found out about the 4H program through friends in our school community and to see my kids enjoy time outside with animals. Missy is holding a chicken practicing for presenting a chicken in a County Show. No she is not going to do that anytime soon as this was our second meeting, for me it is important for kids to learn to respect animals.

Kelly on the obstacle course – a stick is used to gently guide the chicken to the correct route

A piece a Week – My Signature Sari Skirt

Playing around with circle skirts I discovered that with the incredible drape that a Sari has it makes a perfect skirt. The hem on these lovely fun skirts are over 6 yards so it takes me an hour to apply the finish to the hem. This is my favorite as I love the colors and mix of the patterns. This was added to my collection for my final Holiday Gift Show last weekend – how good it feels to be able to relax now! 
Get swinging in this Sari – which sold to a friend for their grand daughter as a gift! 

At my friends house we had a holiday and gift boutique which was fun meeting some new people in a pocket of Los Altos I am familiar with my acupuncturist and grocery store there. Ideally I think with shows at home, publicity is key and maybe shoot for earlier in the season when shopping is on peoples minds. I think last weekend was just for last minute gifts with a lower price tag. Still it is always a learning experience with each show that I do. 

My table of goodies ready for sale

Last week was also the final class for the Fall session of our Arts Focus classes at school! It was so good to see the kids really enjoy making the pipe cleaner dolls – so much imagination in  making them. The first pic is of the group quilt project that the children made the squares for and they were quilting buttons on it to complete the quilt before binding. What an amazing achievement for the whole class to work on two quilts. Next up in January is the Art Show at City Hall and that is always exciting to see each art class present their works.

A pipe cleaner doll by a 2nd grade boy

Love the hair on this pipe cleaner doll made by a 3rd grade girl 

Oh and how can I forget on Thursday night last week the kids had project night and they each presented to me their projects that they have been working on in class. My son working on this amazing Family Trip Project and virtually booked all the flights, accommodation and activities using his math skills for us to go to Lanai, Hawaii (I don’t know how we can access the place 98% of it is owned by some rich guy). He also presented a 3D printed project which was a holder for his ear buds for his computer – they got to use engineering and design skills, how lucky is this 10 year old – working on real world projects!!

My daughter designed a habitat for a venus fly trap – check one of them out here, looking very healthy indeed. The project was fascinating learning about what the fly trap needs to survive. I had to try and catch a fruit fly with tweezers to feed this guy on project night – maybe I will have to employ my Karate and chopsticks next time to be successful (watch The Karate Kid).

Feed me Seymour!! (Little Shop of Horrors – reference)

I was so happy on Sunday I went for a bike ride but by the time I reached half way and turned around I saw this huge grey cloud I rode straight into and got drenched by the rain, it felt so good!! 

A piece a Week – Skirting is the Issue

This week is the last week of school before 10 weeks of summer holidays!! So I have had to get myself into gear and start my clean up plan for the summer. So with the time I had this week on my creative day on Tuesday I made a couple of skirts from some vintage finds I found on my travels. This is a super cute project with adding a elastic waistband and the bottom of a dress and the Box pleated skirt was using the waistband from a vintage dress – the top of vintage finds is usually small and tight for women these days. This skirt works with the waistband from the dress and I added a bit of velcro under the button to close up the skirt. These are smaller doable projects as there are many more things to organize this week!

Butterflies flying away!

Box pleats for a school uniform look!

My last sweet 4 hours of my alone time (for the next 10 weeks!) was spent cleaning out my closet using the famous KonMari Method from the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing. It took me the 4 hours to just go through everything. After that I then made a huge mountain of clothes I did not want anymore – the clothes that did not give me joy 🙂 I really like this method and I feel it will be good for me but I am not the only person living here and there is constant chaos around me, so whether my plan can be put into action – who knows!!

I like to be organized and I must admit that when I went to find an outfit this morning it made life a heck of a lot easier to just look in the drawer and see everything neatly folded – let us hope this lasts! The closet was lovely to clear out and hang items of clothing together. that way it is much easier to put outfits together. So I spent the 4 hours during the day to clear out and sort and then I spent another 3 hours in the evening putting everything away and bagging and sorting clothes for donation – whew! I am hoping with some time on my hands over the next ten weeks I can look at other areas of the house too while the kids are playing outside happily!! We can all dream…

Nicely folded and organized

Hanging around in the closet

There has been many a goodbye this week and here is the cake top I designed for a favorite teacher who is moving South. We have all been inspired by his class and enjoyed reading Roald Dahl immensely and I wanted to show our appreciation. I used the cover of Fantastic Mr Fox and gave it a bit of a Photoshop makeover with our teacher as the Fantastic Mr Fox himself!

Farewell to our favorite teacher!

At home my haven is my kitchen and at the end of a day of business it is wonderful to come and cook and make dinner with a glass of wine or two. Here are bowls I have purchased from the ceramics studio I play at, plus a couple of bowls that I made – the yellow hand built bowl and the turquoise thrown bowl with nectarines and cucumbers. There will be more made in the future as clay can be addicting. I love using beautiful bowls when I cook!

Ceramics in action 

A piece a Week – The Reverse Applique Skirt

Last weeks post I started a reverse applique project that has turned into somewhat of a habit that I am enjoying! This is the skirt I have been working on in panels – I plan to wear this to the Maker Faire coming up on May 15th. I am volunteering with Swap o Rama Rama this year who upcycle clothes into new beginnings. I had a blast last year chatting to so many people and assisting them in their creations! So my outfit is going to consist of upcycled fabric from FabMo and the skirt has been bedazzled 🙂 with a bedazzler from my neighbors yard sale!! The skirt needs some elastic at the top and then it will be complete. I am still working out the top in the same fabric – I am off to collect some more fabric tomorrow if it is still around at FabMo. 
Front of the skirt – bedazzling in progress

The back of the skirt with a double reverse applique.

Also the bandanas have been an excellent portable project – made from the scraps. Here is one I made this week that my daughter likes to wear.

Keep that hair outta my face!
The culmination of all the rehearsals was last weekend taking up the whole weekend my daughter performed in two of the In Wonderland shows and my son was in every one working crew backstage. The show was just incredible so amazing to see the kids in character and so happy to be part of such a wonderful show written and directed by one of our talented parents at school. Even though I was exhausted from driving back and forth to rehearsal I cannot wait until next year’s play – I love theatre so much 😀
The kids before the Friday night show

Having a fun time at the finale song – Here I go again on my own, Going down the only road I’ve ever known!
Check out video – pure 80s!!

The chamomile cast singing together!!
Such a professional production – the kids are so talented.