A piece a Week – Kids Time Out from Camp, Let’s Get Crafting! A birdhouse redo…

This week it was a downtime week with no camp for the kiddos so we took it easy had some playdates with friends and hung out listening to audio books. The project of this week was something easy and because I have a lot of magazines I needed to find a project that uses paper… I decided that collage would be an easy option and not so boring for the kiddos.

Well, if there is a book to distract you other projects just don’t cut it for my older one! Still he attempted this project and made the orange and green bird house keeping the under colour paint because he it looks good! Better something than nothing, they both enjoyed the Modge Podge painting which seals and glues in one quick brush, just love it!! My missy made hers and called it cherry because of all the pink and flowers and she drew cherries on the top and bottom to make it her own.

What ya need is some magazines – go on and tear them up!, Elmers Glue for positioning of the paper, modge podge and crafting paint brushes (ones that you do not use for painting).

They are now hanging in the tree in the garden and looked ever so fancy!

This birhouse is For you 

Orange jewelled beauty

The snow house

Cherry the bird house

I see you!

An attempt at collage by my older son!

A piece a Week – Kids off to Summer Camp, so time to get to work!

In my fourth week of summer vacation with the kiddos it was time for their first summer camp together at Deer Hollow Farm! The kids had a blast with the animals at the farm and really enjoyed milking the cow and painting themselves with Ohlone paint. Lucky kids and it was time for lucky mum!! I had a whole four days of working and catching up on my projects. It was a absolute bliss to have so much time to work away. The weeks on vacation I had no time to do anything as we were traveling and when the kids are home it is best to keep them occupied with friends and having fun going places.

It was time to for me to go through the amazing stash of fabrics I scored at the last FabMo special distribution event and I had bought a fair amount as it was $10 a bag of fabric – perfect for my projects! So I gathered up my pile of work to be done – finishing off a pillow commission project, altering some vintage clothes and adding my new projects and it was a week of creative abandon. Having such precious time I had to plan each day to achieve what I wanted by the end of the week – getting all my excess pieces of UFO’s out of the way made way for new projects for the Textile Art Boutique in a few months time.

I found an interesting tutorial to jazz up pot plants with a fabric pot plant holder and then a friend of mine bought too many pillow inserts so I bought them off her and made some new pillows for my couch and as an added quick craft project the embroidery frame in the background was found at the last FabMo distribution – my sister gave me the amazing fabric from Japan which is perfect for the lounge/kids space.

The last project I worked on was using strips to make a fabric so I took that quilting idea and made a tote bag from some of the fabric that I found in my stash – I was very happy with the result and it was so much fun to experiment!

Missy with the pillows

Some new pillows on the couch and the fabric embroidery frame wall hanging

Jazzed up pot plant

Strips of fabric tote bag

My experimental bag with strips of fabric – so happy!

A piece a week – Making with the kids, crafting without the internet

I wanted to post the crafts the kiddos and I were working on when we were in the cabin in the woods. There was no access to the outside world so I could not post while we were there, which was fine! Amazing what you can achieve when there is no internet to distract you 🙂 We made embroidered photographs with embellishments. The idea was from an Etsy tutorial using vintage postcards.

Embroidered photos with sequins
A sequin goat and lichen in the snow
A glam marmot and mustang and sunset by the kids

I have a few select pics that caught my eye from the 1000 or so pictures that I still have to edit from our trip to Lassen Volcanic Park and Mt Shasta.

Kids making a cairn by the creek at Eddy Creek Retreat
Oh Deer
Hummer in action!
Jump in the lake! 
Junior Rangers doing their pledge
Talking to the birds via a stuffed talking bird
Reflection lake with Lassen Peak in and Brokeoff Mountain
Mt Shasta and the lavender
Lilypond lake
Mc Arthur Burney Falls – just incredible!
The yurt where we stayed, oh so relaxing!!