A piece a week – Ceramics out of the Kiln

This week I finally made it an Open Studio Pottery Session for 4 hours. I figured this week is going to be super busy so why not take some time out and make some bowls. As I was there I found 5 of my bowls had come out of the kiln. I was experimenting with wax resist and the glaze that made it easy to find the bowls I had made though the look was OK and would be way better if I take it an extra step and work out how this whole process works 🙂 Still it was fun and the colours that came out were very interesting combinations and I love how the glazes react with each other too – a couple of my favorites are in the close up shots. 
A bunch of bowls working away in the kitchen
A favorite combination of colors
Another favorite though this is a matte and gloss glaze combo

A close up of the wax resist
Tuesday night it was Sew Sew with FabMo at the Mountain View Library and here is one of the attendees with her Infinity scarf. We had 12 people who came to the workshop and we could have used another 3 sewing machines as there was a bit of waiting around. Still it gave people time to discuss the steps to be organized once it was time for them to go on the machine. It was a pretty easy project that everyone enjoyed! 
Finished scarf out into the night

At the library some promo material – time for me to start the next months project!

Thursday it was Arts Focus with the kids at school and we made stuffed animals – here is a little one made with some beautiful stitches – I am looking forward to seeing how these animals turn out as the kids really love this project!

A little red elephant!

Friday was a night out at the museum and we went behind the Project Lab to peek at a small amount of the Academy’s gem collection – I love seeing gems in their raw form and these were presented beautifully. Hopefully they will have a show in the future!

Love the colours of these stones

Sunday was a family bike ride before heading over to the theater to see Annie in the afternoon – it was such a lovely morning for a ride and here we are at the end of the road looking over the water! We rode about 8 miles at a steady pace which accounts for some exercise 🙂

On the jetty!

I love my bike! 

Checking out the stinky shoreline!

A piece a Week – A bunny with Neon Whiskers

I made this bunny blanket buddy for my friends new bubba, their little one is now over 2 weeks old so I cannot wait to visit him. This week is way too busy so we have to wait until the play In Wonderland is over this weekend. 
Little bunny blanket buddy with neon whiskers!
I wanted to also try a new embroidery technique that I have been wanting to try for a very long time! This is reverse applique from the Alabama Stitch book. It is very relaxing and I am enjoying it very much – I can just put the fabric on the hoop and take it with me in my basket. I decided to make a quick hair band from the book, simplified without beads, as this is for my pottery class to keep my hair out of my face when I work. It is super cute and I am looking forward to wearing it on Friday. 
1 panel down another 3 to go…
Reverse applique hair band to keep my hair out of my eyes

Here is one of the bowls I have made in wheel throwing class. My teacher Danny showed me how to trim last week. The process itself was not too bad once I got a hang of the tool and how to hold it in the right place. This one is sitting by other greenware ready to be fired in the kiln!!

2 bowls trimmed ready to be fired!

And Saturday was the Spring Parade (go to the link at 18:33 to see our school!) we all had a lot of fun with lots of other families wandering down the main drag and enjoying lunch in the sunshine on a beautiful Saturday .

Around the World in Mountain View – this years Spring Parade theme